Father's Day is coming up in a few days and if you're still looking for that perfect gift to get your father, you can't go wrong with food. Let's be real. Everyone loves food and nobody will ever turn down a delicious cupcake. For Mother's Day, Sprinkles teamed up with Kendra Scott for a gift set and now they have a beer inspired gift set available for Father's Day. 

Sprinkles X Shiner Father's Day Cupcake

Photo Courtesy of Sprinkles

Sprinkles Cupcakes has teamed up with Shiner Bock to create a cupcake in celebration of dads everywhere. This Shiner Dive Bar cupcake is infused with Shiner Bock beer and has a sweet & salty twist. Each cupcake is made with a potato chip and chocolate chip batter, a flaky layer of pretzel crust, Shiner Bock infused dark chocolate frosting, and topped off with a chocolate covered pretzel and a chocolate dipped potato chip. 

If you've caught your dad in front of the television munching on pretzels and chips, this cupcake will take his go-to snack to a whole new nevel.

Where To Get The Sprinkles X Shiner Bock Cupcake

Photo Courtesy of Sprinkles

This Father's Day Shiner Dive Bar cupcake six-pack ($30) is available to pre-order at Sprinkles locations nationwide now through June 17. Pick up and delivery for pre-orders are available from June 19 to June 21. 

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