In the Spoon series Buttered Up, we interview content creators in the food space about what their job is like. This month, we chatted with Cedrik Lorenzen, a chef and content creator who specializes in a certain type of TikTok content. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to watch someone make pesto pasta from scratch to “Rodeo” by Lah Pat, film it from every angle, handle the homemade noodles like a whip, and wink at you while they’re doing it? Well, that’s exactly what the self-taught culinary connoisseur Cedrik Lorenzen is doing. Whether he’s making desserts shirtless, fingering his ingredients, or licking his creations (for quality testing of course), Lorenzen’s online community of almost four million followers are fans of both his culinary arts and sexy kitchen presentation. His TikTok, Instagram, and website are where cooking gets playful and serve as a go-to place for people to find new and unique recipes and so much more. 

While his genre of cooking content is sometimes referred to as ‘horny TikTok chef,' the Swiss food creator feels that term falls short of what he is actually doing. Whether he’s sourcing or developing new recipes, the production process from start to publishing, including filming, editing, and cooking, can take anywhere from 15 to 30 hours — talk about long-lasting. It might be surprising to some that as a full-time content creator, Lorenzen’s social strategies are part of his plan to become a restaurateur. Whatever dish he is making or skill he is learning, his vision to open and manage multiple restaurants is always at the forefront of his mind — in addition to his goal to make you thirsty for more. Spoon chatted with Lorenzen about his style of cooking videos, growing community, and goals as a food content creator.

Spoon University: Being 100% self-taught, what first got you into cooking, and how did that transition into the spicy content that you create now?

Cedrik Lorenzen: I've had a passion for cooking since my early years, but during my university journey, which commenced in 2019, I decided to take it more seriously. My ultimate goal is to become a restaurateur.

SU: When did you realize that your audience had this underlying desire or food kink, as I should say, to watch you cook meals in a sexual way?

CL: I didn't consciously plan my audience strategy; I created content that felt right to me. Over time, it naturally evolved, becoming more refined and specific, thanks in part to my community's input. The content I produce resonates with my creativity, and my unique approach centers around themes of romance and sexuality.

In content creation, it might be challenging for those outside the space to understand that pushing boundaries is essential for maintaining relevance, which is also a tricky dance between doing it right or going overboard. Despite this, everything I create has a theme, purpose, and specific aim that works towards becoming a restaurateur. For instance, each piece of content allows me to learn something new, whether a technique or process, while fitting it into my genre [and] simultaneously and hopefully maintaining relevance.

SU: Was there any part of you that was like, "This is absolutely crazy" or were you just excited and ready for the challenge?

CL: Occasionally, I do ponder if my actions are too risky, and the thought of facing criticism or being canceled crosses my mind. However, I realize that what I'm engaged in doesn't cause harm to anyone. There are more significant issues to concern ourselves [with], such as climate change, [rather] than fingering a fruit. It's meant to be fun and interactive, and if it's not your cup of tea, I suggest you simply scroll past. In the end, haters will be [hating]. 

SU: How has your content impacted the way people interact with you on a more personal level? Does your content play a role in your relationships?

CL: Indeed, the impact of my content on personal interactions varies from person to person, and I only dwell a little on it. My overarching goal is to become a restaurateur; my social platforms serve as stepping stones toward that aspiration. People's opinions, even personally, won't hinder my progress, especially if they're negative. In other words, I have a mission and a clear goal. However, I am always open to constructive criticism.

As for relationships, my content doesn't significantly influence them. I remain true to myself online and offline — I'm passionate about cooking, and the fun and creativity you see in my content align with who I am. Clout or perceptions don't dictate my simplicity, and I don't let external factors impact my connections either.