Okay, you got me. I spend most of my time on TikTok watching thirst trap videos. Sue me. Oh, so you’re really gonna sit there and pretend like you don’t watch thirst trap videos? Fine, Pinocchio. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching Cedrik Lorenzen — aka @cedriklorenzen — make a chocolate sponge cake. I don’t even know why I’ve included the video below. It’s not like you’ll immediately want to watch it or anything. You're welcome.

Despite the constant violation of health codes, that man really knows what he’s doing in the kitchen. And yet, Cylie Stuhler’s videos (@cylie.stu) roasting thirst trap chefs like Cedrik capture a place in my heart usually only reserved for pull-apart Twizzlers and emotionally unavailable men. Currently, Stuhler has a series called “Name that Male Chef,” which has more views than most chef thirst trap videos.

Who is @cylie.stu?

Cylie Stuhler makes comedic culinary videos. Although her four installments of “Name that Male Chef” are the most popular, she has a killer chocolate chunk cookie recipe that I will make later today instead of doing the things I really need to do. Plus, if you’re a dog lover, one of Stuhler's German shepherds usually makes a cameo. So, even if you’re not into thirst trap comedy, at least watch her other videos for great recipes and adorable dogs.

Who are these thirst trap chef?

Have you ever watched a cooking video, only to find yourself crying “where is all the sex appeal?” If yes, you are the perfect chef thirst trap viewer. As a favor to you, and not because they were already saved in my TikTok, I found a few account suggestions. Examples include Gianluca Conte (@itsqcp), Bradley Jimenez (@bradtheboxer), and Ash Xu

(@ashhasacamera) — the food takes center stage on Xu's account. Basically, they all cook a dish with a lot of sultry camera stares, food caresses (never thought I would write those words next to each other), and spitting.

Best thirst trap chef reactions

Like me, many people are fascinated by thirst trap chefs. So, no surprise here, a current trend on TikTok is duet reaction videos to thirst traps. While I was scouring the web for more chef hotties, I found some delightful reaction videos that you must watch so you can say you’ve really lived. For, if you have one regret on your deathbed, it won’t be that pixie cut you got in middle school. No, it will be the fact that you didn’t watch these chef thirst trap reaction videos.

Other thirst trap parody TikTokers to watch

My particular favorites, outside of Cylie, are Chef Bri @shrimjason and @baconbootsbronco. Chef Bri is a professional private chef in NYC and the Hamptons, making videos that are simultaneously hilarious and informative. However, @baconbootsbronco really butters my bread. He will change the way you look at Cheerios forever.