As I was scrolling through Insta this week, I saw an unreal meme from the king of lolz on Instagram: @fuckjerry. If you are not acquainted with the man, please do yourself a favor and throw him a follow — his posts are more entertaining than all the thirst trap pics currently clogging my feed. The current post I'm talkng about, however, is regarding Chicken Nuggets Girl. 

Here is everything you need to know about the horrifying true story of Chicken Nuggets Girl and her near-fatal dedication to nugs.

The Meme

As much as I hate to use the term, I was literally shook when I saw this headline. I'm gonna break it down for some dramatic effect: This girl had only consumed chicken nuggets for the last 15 YEARS, and she was hospitalized for it. 

According to the Daily Mail article from 2012, Stacey Irvine subsisted on an exclusive diet of chicken nuggets (along with the occasional toast or chips) for her entire life, and she refused to eat anything else. Irvine stated that she "loved them so much they were all [she] would eat... [she] just couldn't face even trying other foods." Talk about dedication.

All About The Nugs

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Kathleen Lee

In case you want to eat like Irvine, this girl cites McDonald's for the best chicken nuggets, but also recommends KFC and supermarket brands as good alternatives. She usually ordered the 20-piece, which weighs in at 926 calories and 58 grams of fat. 

Her frequent trips to McDonald's earned her four bins full of Happy Meal Toys, and she participated in photo shoots with said toys. Yep. 

What Could Go Wrong?

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Lucy Harper

Shockingly, subsisting solely on chicken nuggets is not the healthiest choice. Irvine was diagnosed with anaemia, inflamed tongue veins, and vitamin and nutrient deficiencies because of her "chronic chicken nugget addiction." Idk if "chronic chicken nugget addiction" is a legit medical condition according to the American Medical Association, but it's kind of funny that a doctor had to diagnose her with it. 

As funny as the meme is, Irvine's condition is pretty damn serious. The Daily Mail reported that "she [had] been warned by doctors to change her appalling diet or die." Chicken Nuggets lack the "iron, calcium, antioxidants, vitamins, and good fats" that Irvine needs to be healthy. 

So basically, you can believe this meme on Insta. The Chicken Nugget Girl Meme is horrifyingly true, and we should probably keep her in our thoughts and prayers, and hope she's doing better today!