In anticipation of the Gilmore Girls revival, you're probably binge-watching all the episodes for the second (or third, or tenth...) time. Either way, by now you know that Lorelai and Rory love their pie. For your viewing pleasure, we lined up the Gilmore Girls as pie flavors.

Lorelai: Chocolate and Coffee Cream Pie

Lorelai’s junk food and coffee obsession is unparalleled, so what better pie would describe her other than a chocolate and coffee cream pie? This pie is perfect to satisfy her sweet tooth, while also fueling her caffeine addiction.

Rory: Spiced Apple Pie

Rory is your sweet, ideal daughter. She’s talented, passionate, funny, and a great friend. This classic apple pie recipe is perfect, but it needs to be spiced since Rory can be feisty at times as she’s not afraid to put up a fight.

Luke: Crack Pie

We know that we said we were just lining up the Gilmore Girls as pie flavors, but who can forget Luke? His sarcasm and grumpiness makes him seem intimidating at first, but once you push past his tough-guy exterior, he has a big heart.

This crack pie’s oat cookie crust and soft filling makes this sweet-salty pie a perfect representation of Luke’s personality. 

Lane: Key Lime Pie

The tanginess of key lime pie is just right for Lane’s alternative way of thinking and desire for experience—a trait that her mother does not always approve of. But key lime pies are also sweet for Rory’s supportive best friend.

Sookie: Mud Pie

Sookie’s bubbly, quirky, and enthusiastic personality matches the gooey, rich mud pie. Although the name of this pie might deter you, once you try it, there's no turning back. Similarly, while Sookie is very accident-prone, she does not let it stop her from being tough and pursuing what she wants.

Emily: Raspberry Pie

Emily’s sassiness and compassion matches perfectly with this tart but sweet raspberry pie. Its rich red color also complements Emily’s appreciation for the finer things.

Paris: Pecan Pie

Oh, Paris. As a competitive, driven character, Paris sometimes causes people to run away from her. But we have to love her for who she is, and appreciate her friendship with Rory. That's why the pecan pie fits: crunchy yet sweet.

Are you as excited as we are to be back in our favorite small town? Get ready to binge-watch the new season on Netflix with your best friends, and don’t forget to fuel up on coffee and your favorite flavor of Gilmore Girls pie. 

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