For many overworked and sleep deprived college students, coffee is the go-to source for a quick pick-me-up. Eventually, though, just one cup in the morning may turn into several throughout the day, and soon, caffeine becomes as essential to getting through the day as air or as water. Rather than immediately running to Starbucks at the first signs of exhaustion, take into account these five ways to stay energized without a cup of coffee.

1. Drink water

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Caroline Liu
Drinking water is important to keeping you hydrated throughout the day, but it also keeps you energized on the go. There are lots ways to make water more appealing rather than just drinking it straight out of the bottle, but do not skip out on drinking water altogether.  #SpoonTip: Try adding citrus or cucumber to your water to give it an added flavor.

2. Chew gum

Rachel Weitzman

If you are feeling low in energy, stimulate your senses by chewing gum. Chewing gum has been linked to helping people concentrate on tasks better because it stimulates your brain when your jaw starts moving.

3. Exercise regularly 

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Anya Barel

It is really easy to forget to exercise, especially when you spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk . Getting up to go on a walk, stretch, do yoga, or go to the gym for a quick workout will increase your metabolism. Endorphins will be released that will make you feel good and boost your energy.

4. Eat energy boosting foods

juice, apple
Annie Slabotsky

There are certain foods that have positive energy boosting effects on our bodies, and these foods can act as alternatives to caffeine. Some examples of these super foods: apples, eggs, quinoa, oats, almonds, bananas, carrots, and pineapple. 

5. Take naps and most importantly, SLEEP

Judy Holtz

 There are so many tips and tricks to stay awake throughout the day, but the most important thing your body needs is sleep. The recommended daily amount of sleep for young adults is 6-10 hours a night, but most young adults are only averaging 6-7 hours an evening. Do yourself a favor and allow your body to rest — it needs it. 

Your body is really strong on its own and it is meant to naturally keep you going without needing coffee or other types of synthetic energy boosters. If you take the steps to do it, you have the ability to live without caffeine. So, next time you wake up in the morning, do not automatically run down the street to Starbucks. Drink some water, let your body wake itself up, and start taking some steps to kissing that coffee addiction goodbye.