In 2009, while we were all busy playing Club Penguin and riding our Razor scooters, Burger King casually released a game changing dessert — funnel cake fries. These dessert fries made everyone's favorite fair food easily accessible and easier to eat on the go. And luckily for those who missed them, they're back 10 years later. 

What are they? 

This delicious dessert is simply fried funnel cake batter, in the shape of fries, that is topped off with powdered sugar. Each order comes with nine fries (it couldn't have been an even number), which is less than the amount you get with their french fries but the same amount as their chicken fries. Imagine eating three kinds of fries in one sitting... sounds like a fun night to me!

When can you get them?

Burger King re-released the funnel cake fries on January 24th, 2019. They're available for a limited time only, but Burger King didn't specify when they were being taken off the menu. So hurry and get them as soon as you can! They're only 222 calories and the suggested price is $1.99, which is quite the steal.

So go ahead and funnel those fries right into your mouth; no one's judging!