Whoever invented mac n' cheese bites was a genius. Yes, I can eat cheesy noodles with a fork, but it just takes it to a whole other level when they're fried in bite-sized pieces, similar to a mozzarella stick, but without the ridiculous mess of a cheese pull. Well now, Burger King is giving their version of the bites, Mac n' Cheetos, a spicy makeover. Please welcome, Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos. 

Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos are pretty self explanatory, especially if you've tried the non-flamin' ones. They're shaped like a mozzarella stick, and they include mac n' cheese enclosed in a fried, crispy layer, rolled in Flamin' Hot Cheeto dust. Very, very innovative. 

According to The Street, Burger King announced that the new Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos would be coming to stores tomorrow, Nov. 30, for a limited time. Although, according to food beast, the spicy bites have already been spotted at Burger King locations across the US. 

You can get the Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos in packs of five for around $2.69. But you might want to grab one of their cereal-inspired milkshakes while you're at it to cool down the heat.