Mac 'n cheese bites are easily one of the most innovative and useful inventions of our time. Seriously, bite-sized cheesy noodles fried into nugget form—what a #gamechanger. Totinos, known for being the genius creative behind bite-sized pizza, has taken note. According to Thrillist, this month they're releasing their own version of mac 'n cheese bites: Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon Pizza Rolls. 

Yes, the bites have an added bonus of bacon! It's basically the upgraded version of the mac 'n cheese with hot dogs you used to eat as a kid. But now, it's bite-sized and easily heated up in your oven or microwave.

Stay tuned for an actual release date, but get ready to run to stores soon. Once they hit shelves, they'll be going for around $9 per 40 or 90 count bags. 

If you think you've had a hard time waiting for Totino's pizza rolls to cool down, just know that your mouth is going to be burning. There's no way you'll be able to wait to take a bite of these (especially at 2 am when pizza rolls are best enjoyed.)