Now we've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what about brunch? More importantly, what about brunch by the beach?

I am a proud supporter of brunch and all different types of breakfast/lunch foods from come with it. From chicken and waffles to coffee and donuts, if you invite me to get brunch I'll be there.

Luckily for us Cal Poly students, the central coast has a lot to offer, including some hot brunch spots that just so happen to be right by the beach. I went ahead and tried out some local restaurants with food for everybody to enjoy. 

Penny's All American Cafe

Jillian Mercer

Located in downtown Pismo Beach, Penny's All American Cafe has any breakfast combination you could possibly be craving. From biscuits smothered in gravy to cinnamon swirl french toast, they offer the classics you love. You could even get one to-go to not only have brunch by the beach, but brunch on the beach. 

Jillian Mercer

 Naturally I went with the blueberry pancake, bacon, and scrambled eggs (as pictured). The portions are very large so you better come to Penny's with your appetite. The bacon is thick and chewy rather than a thin piece of bacon that crumbles away in your mouth leaving a greasy aftertaste. 

Not only does Penny's have tasty pancakes but the omelettes are to die for. I highly recommend the Local Favorit. It's stuffed with sweet baked apples, sausage, and cheddar cheese. Seriously so yummy. 

This cafe has such a great atmosphere and very friendly servers. It's also a short walk to the water so after you finish your brunch you can take a stroll on the white sands of Pismo Beach. 

Fat Cats Caf

Jillian Mercer

Fat Cats Cafe is located in Avila Beach and has a killer view of the ocean and Port San Luis, making it the perfect location for brunch by the beach. 

Not only does this cafe serve great breakfast, but they offer a wide variety of desserts too. Did somebody say chocolate covered cheesecake? 

I decided to go with the cinnamon roll (you can order it with cream cheese frosting too). This roll was so tasty and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, the only way a cinnamon roll should be.

Jillian Mercer

Lil'Bits Cafe

If you're ever looking for a home-style, mom & pop cafe then Lil'Bits is the place for you. This cafe in Grover Beach is so cute: each spot at the table and bar has an individual, unique mug set out for the customer to enjoy their cup of joe. It's a country kind of brunch by the beach. 

Jillian Mercer

I went for the classic french toast breakfast, which did not disappoint. This french toast was honestly the best I've ever had (sorry, mom).

The bacon was also on point. It was smokey, thick, and crispy--the only three things I look for in a piece of bacon. The meal I had, which is pictured above, was both sweet and savory, the perfect combination.   

Jillian Mercer

Brunch is already the best, but being able to hang out on the beach afterwards is such a bonus. I suggest grabbing some friends to try these spots out for yourself. Happy brunching!