Let’s face it, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t wake up hangry on the weekend ready to feast. It is undeniable that brunch is the best form of therapy, providing us with food babies that can last up to 24 hours and memorable meals with our best friends. Here are the top orders at everyone’s go-to meal:

11. Oatmeal


Photo by Becky Hughes

We all love to veg out at brunch but if you’re not feeling the whole food coma situation, oatmeal is the way to go. It doesn’t need to taste like straight grains; instead, spice it up with some fresh fruit, cinnamon for a little kick, honey for some sweetness, peanut butter for some creamy-ness, almonds for some crunch, and coconut for a strong flavor. It will leave you guilt-free and energized to tackle the day ahead.

10. Açaí Bowl


Photo by Mary Kate Turner

New to the brunch scene but already killing the brunch game are the açaí bowls. If you’re not sure what exactly an açaí bowl is, the best explanation for it is a really thick smoothie. Açaí is amazing for you, plus it tastes even better. Similar to oatmeal, the mix-ins and toppings are totally up to you. It is truly a bowl of heaven and doesn’t leave you feeling super full.

9. Potatoes


Photo courtesy of thechunkychef.com

The ideal brunch plate contains a side of potatoes. Roasted or fried, they are made to perfection. You can choose from hash browns, home fries, french fries, roasted potatoes, even sweet potatoes.

With a nice coating of seasoning and a zesty flare, they will leave a taste in your mouth that will be unforgettable. You’ll for sure be sad while taking the last bite of the last potato left on your plate.

8. Waffles


Photo courtesy of Joliette Mandel

If your sweet tooth is in full throttle, waffles are the perfect menu choice for you. Get ready to drown that bad boy in maple syrup, top it with whipped cream, and throw on every topping you can think of.

Topping assortments include but are not limited to: strawberries, chocolate chips, M&M’s, blueberries, bananas, and even ice cream. When it comes to waffles at brunch, the rule is to go big or go home.

7. Bagels


Photo by Ashley Hamati

As always, any kind of carb you’re craving readily accessible on the menu. It’s safe to say that a hungover brunch really puts the bae in bagel. It keeps you full for a day of studying, an afternoon of working out, and hits the spot every time.

Rule #1 when it comes to ordering a bagel: you must toast it. There is nothing better than toasted bagel with cream cheese (hop on those flavored cream cheese chains), butter, peanut butter, or if you’re on a health kick, avocado.

You can even transform your bagel into the dream egg sandwich. Fill it with any meat your heart desires (most likely bacon), add on some cheese and an egg and you are golden.

6. The Scrambler


Photo by Christine Mialki

If you’re still indecisive, don’t worry, you can get the best of all the brunch foods on one plate: the scrambler. Usually, this consists of scrambled eggs made to order, a side of either bacon or sausage, potatoes of your choice and some toast. It covers all the food groups so it is impossible to leave the meal feeling unsatisfied.

5. Pancakes


Photo by Avery Allen

You might think pancakes are virtually the same as waffles, but you could not be more mistaken. Unlike waffles, pancakes can be packed and stacked with sweetness.

Red velvet pancakes, oreo pancakes, salted caramel pancakes, cinnamon bun pancakes, berry pancakes… the list can go on forever. And get this, if you’re picky, you can design your own and there is no shame.

4. Eggs Benedict


Photo by Lucy Drinkwater

You cannot get any more classic then eggs benny. Almost every brunch menu has it and it is almost always appealing. An English muffin topped with bacon or ham, egg, and a nice creamy hollandaise sauce layered on top could not sound any better. If you’re a poached egg kind of person, this delectable combination is the ideal choice for you.

3. Breakfast Burrito


Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Mexican food meets brunch, could you think of a better combination? Honestly, the answer is, no. This breakfast burrito is usually quite large (basically the size of your plate) and filled with all your favorites: meat, beans, rice, corn, peppers, sour cream, guac, and salsa. The flavors in this burrito will kick start your day.

2. Omelettes


Photo by Karen Chou

When you think of brunch, the first food that comes to mind is an omelette. If you’re feeling lazy, you can order a specialty omelette off of the menu and if you’re feeling ambitious and wild, you can make your own.

Savory omelettes are the best omelettes. If it’s not bursting with meat, cheese, and veggies, you’re not doing it right. When you take that first cut, its contents should explode on your plate. If you think you can’t make an omelette in your college dorm, get this, you can even make your own omelette out of dining hall ingredients.

1. French Toast


Photo by Jaime Wilson

Two words: sweet and savory. Normally, when we think of french toast, we think of an overload of sweetness. But, brunch has currently changed for the better, and more restaurants are adding savory french toast to the menu. You can only dream of how heavenly it tastes. But, there’s always the original option, a nice fat piece of challah topped with fresh berries and powdered sugar. French toast really caters to your mood.