For many of us sleep deprived college students, waking up at 8 am is a struggle, but what’s even more challenging is our attempt to get a decent breakfast before class. However, here at Johns Hopkins, ranked number four in the best college in America for food, breakfast is a priority.

With the variety of breakfast must-have's offered at the Fresh Food Cafe, ranging from cage-free scrambled eggs to waffle machines, it is difficult to pass out on the most important meal of the day.

What most students don't realize is that with the right ingredients and plating, it is possible to have a different (and refreshing) breakfast combination every day. To prove my point, I helped lay out the next 10 days of breakfast plans for you. 

Audrey Tao

Disclaimer: All foods shown in pictures were consumed by the writer/photographer with none in waste as a part of the university's mission for environmental sustainability

Day 1: Two Eggs in a Pan

egg, bacon
Audrey Tao

Pan fried eggs with stir-fried vegetables and spinach tomato salad topped on cream cheese bagel. Decaf coffee for drink.

Day 2: Om Nom Omelette 

coffee, omelette, croissant
Audrey Tao

Vegetable and cheese omelette with hot siracha sauce and assorted melon mix with side ham and cheese croissant. Vanilla soy milk for drink. 

Day 3: Fruity Fest

yogurt, granola, honey, muesli, oatmeal, oat, milk
Audrey Tao

Grape yogurt parfait with plain greek yogurt topped with raisin, dried banana, and nuts, with side sliced orange. Homemade sugar-free iced tea for drink. 

Day 4: Everything Waffle 

Audrey Tao

Chocolate waffle topped with marshmallow, cherry, caramel cream cheese and cherry sauce, with side melon mix. Iced coffee for drink.

Day 5: Salty and Sweet

scrambled, juice, toast, orange, egg, bacon
Audrey Tao

Maple syrup fresh toast with cage-free scrambled eggs and humane bacon and shredded potatoes, along with cut pomelo. Orange juice for drink. 

Day 6: Nutty P N' J 

cheese, toast
Audrey Tao

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich topped with banana with side boiled egg, and Greek yogurt fruit bowl. Cranberry juice for drink.

Day 7: Triple Cinnamon Action

Audrey Tao

Cinnamon bun with side boiled egg, fruit mix, and granola and yogurt bowl. Orange juice for drink. 

Day 8: Pans and Buns 

Audrey Tao

Cinnamon and raisin pancake with side scrambled eggs, vegan patty, and assorted fruits. Vanilla soy milk for drink. 

Day 9: Muncin' Muffins 

Audrey Tao

Blueberry muffin and side stir fried eggs and vegetables with assorted fruits. Milk coffee for drink. 

Day 10: Bagel Both Ways 

Audrey Tao

Bagel with sunflower butter and raisin, bagel with fried egg and vegetables, with side fruit mix. Skim milk for drink.

Special thanks to the Fresh Food Café and Café Bon Appétit for providing the wide selection of foods.