Bread is a food that's near and dear to my heart. My roommate in college was an avid bread baker and would make elaborate croissants and brioche that made my store-bought loaves look absolutely pathetic. Since moving to a new city, some of her influence has rubbed off on me and I've started baking bread for myself most weekends. 

While baking a loaf of bread is rewarding, I'll admit that it's kind of a pain when there are too many steps in a recipe or it calls for a laundry list of ingredients (does any bread really need three different types of flour?). Here are some of my favorite bread recipes and treats that are not only delicious, but are also super easy to make. Each recipe has five ingredients or less, meaning you can probably make most of these with what you have in your pantry right now. 

1. Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread

Let's just start this list with a crowd favorite, because you're about to have a lot of pull-apart breads thrown at you. This everything bagel bread is savory, and you get seasoning on every bite. 

2. Ice Cream Bread

bread, chocolate, sweet, pastry, cake, wheat
Rachel Lee

Ask any of my friends, and they'll confirm that ice cream is my favorite food. I'll eat it any time of day, in any form. This ice cream bread uses just two ingredients and is seriously good.

3. Oreo Pull-Apart Bread

bread, sweet, chocolate, pastry
Emma Lally

America's favorite cookie tastes good in literally anything. The best part of this recipe is that you use the entire Oreo, not just the cookie part (seriously, why do so many recipes have you scrape out the creme filling?). 

4. 2-Ingredient Braided Nutella Bread

sweet, pastry, cake, churros, Dessert, chocolate
Eileen Wang

Is there anything Nutella can't make even better? While my bread didn't look as good as this photo when I made it, it tasted ridiculously good, which is what really counts. 

5. 5-Ingredient Garlic and Herb Cheese Bombs

bread, dairy product, sweet, pastry, dough, knish, flour
Natalie Choy

I'm glad these bread bombs only have five ingredients, because you can never make just one batch of these at a time. 

6. Vegan Lemon Bread

cake, sweet, pastry, bread, cookie, candy, chocolate, muffin
Emily Stamp

Technically, this recipe has six ingredients, but one is water so I don't count that. Regardless, this lemon bread doesn't taste vegan and is incredibly moist. Major bonus points for that. 

7. Blueberry Pancake Pull-Apart Bread

I'm down to eat anything blueberry pancake related, and this bread is no different. The blueberries get all soft and jam-like in the middle—to die for. 

8. Low-Carb "Cloud" Bread

bread, wheat, sweet, pastry
Stephanie Schoenster

While I'm not 100% positive why this is called cloud bread, I can confirm that this tastes heavenly. As a bonus, it's super low in carbs, if you're into that sort of thing. 

9. Rainbow Pull-Apart Bread

vegetable, meat, dairy product, sweet, bread, herb
Becca Miller

Tired of pull-apart bread recipes yet? I thought not. This rainbow pull-apart bread is the perfect treat to get you out of your boring bread rut. 

10. Garlic Knot Monkey Bread

These garlic knots are on par with any you'd buy at an Italian restaurant. Be careful though, you'll want to eat the whole batch.

11. Tie-Dye Rainbow Bread

This bread makes for a seriously psychedelic sandwich. Next time you're tempted to buy a store-bought, boring loaf, stop and think about how much cooler tie-dye bread would be. 

12. Fairy Bread Roll-Ups

Every time I make these, I feel like I'm five years old again, but in the best way possible. If you're looking for something mega sweet, these roll-ups are for you. 

13. Irish Soda Bread

bread, cheddar, wheat
Helena Lin

This Irish soda bread is as authentic as it comes. As a bonus, it requires just four ingredients and is super simple to make. 

14. Pizza Bread Pudding

sweet, dairy product, cream, cheese
Alex Furuya

Only a broke college kid would be clever enough to turn pizza into bread pudding. For the ultimate student meal, you've got to make a batch of this. 

15. French Bread S'mores

chocolate, cookie
Sharon Cho

Next to ice cream, s'mores are my favorite food. Naturally, bread stuffed with s'mores toppings appeals to me, and I think you'll love this recipe too. 

16. Vegan Banana Bread

bread, banana, chocolate
Marlene Wagener

Not only is this banana bread vegan, but it also contains no refined sugars. Don't be scared though, it doesn't taste healthy (even though it is). 

17. Cinnamon Roll Nutella Pull-Apart Bread

Cinnamon rolls + Nutella = sheer perfection. Seriously, what could go wrong with this decadent bread? 

18. Jalapeño Cornbread Poppers

While this isn't bread in the traditional sense, these cornbread poppers aren't to be missed. Full of flavor and mighty cute, you'll wow your friends at your next potluck if you make a batch of these.

19. 5-Ingredient White Bread

bread, wheat
Scotti Morris

This bread is as basic as they come, yet it knocks Wonder Bread out of the park. Next time you want to make a killer sandwich, make sure you bake some of this bread first. 

20. Classy Focaccia Bread

rosemary, dough
Katelyn Jones

Alright, I cheated again with this recipe. But c'mon, can something really have six ingredients if one of them is salt? Add in that extra ingredient and whip up this focaccia bread for your next Italian dinner. You'll look fancy AF and your house will smell amazing.