ATMs don't only spit out money, they sling out food too. You can skip human interaction and get pizza, cupcakes, burritos—and now Big Macs—from an ATM. Hold up. Big Macs? Yup. McDonald's is rolling out a limited time Big Mac ATM, and will give you burgers for free. 

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Photo courtesy of McDonald's  Facebook

McDonald's has been creating quite a buzz around Big Macs this year. It came out with two new versions of the Big Mac, plus the chain is currently giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce. McDonald's has been enhancing it's customer service experience  by upgrading its restaurants with table service and ordering kiosks. 

Now, the burger chain is taking its innovations a step further with a Big Mac ATM, first reported by The Boston Globe. As part of its promotion for the Grand Mac and Mac Jr., McDonald's will be revealing this ATM on January 31st from 11am-2pm and selling free Big Macs.

Customers who line up to use it have to enter their Twitter handles on the machine’s touchscreen. Then the machine will generate a tweet from their personal account that reads: “Check out the new Big Mac.” Kind of an invasion of privacy. Kind of annoying that it's Tweeting out an ad, but you can delete it after. 

sandwich, hamburger, cheese, french fries, ketchup
Photo courtesy of McDonald's Facebook

The Big Mac ATM can be found at 540 Commonwealth Avenue in Kenmore Square. It's near Fenway Park, so Boston peeps should keep a lookout. A free Big Mac dispenser is just too good to be true, and this is most likely a one time promotional deal. I would say, get it while it's hot—but how hot can a burger be if it's coming from an ATM machine? Doesn't mater, it's free McDonald's. Go get it Bostonians, you deserve all the Big Macs in the world.