Our prayers have finally been answered. Pizza ATMs will be rolling out nationwide this year. And it's about to be epic.

Where to Find It

Pizza ATMs are nothing new. It's been around in Europe for a decade. The first and only 24-hour pizza ATM launched in the US in August at Xavier University. We were all jealous. Since then, businesses and colleges located in 20 states and Canada have inquired about getting their own, reports WCPO Cincinnati News. 

The French company we should be thanking for this brilliant invention is Paline, who worked on this machine for four years so that we can enjoy its glory in the US. The company has not disclosed which locations the Pizza ATMs will be, but it is working with distribution networks to expand its presence this year. So keep a lookout.

Here's How It Works

Since this invention is currently situated on a college campus, cooks make the pizza right in the dining hall. The pizza dough and the tomato sauce is 100% vegan. There are 8 varieties of toppings, including fresh vegetables, cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. Once the pizza is made, the cooks load them into the refrigerated section of the ATM, and the rest is up to the customer. 

Ordering Pizza From an ATM

It's a pretty simple and satisfying process to order pizza from an ATM. Hungry customers choose toppings for their pie on a touch screen menu. After (indecisively) making a decision on a pizza, the pie is thrown into a 425 degree oven. And the best part—it only takes three minutes to heat up. Only a sliver of patience required. Then the pizza is placed in a cardboard box, and shoots out through a slot in the machine. It's like Christmas year-round.

The pizzas range from $9-$10, with specialty pizzas such as Buffalo chicken and Supreme. So while we're unsure of exactly where these machines will be located throughout the US and Canada, we do know it's happening (maybe even as soon as this month). We just have to keep an eye out for them.