Okay... let's be real. There's a lot of fish in the sea, but unfortanetly on Valentine's Day it seems like it's more of a puddle of guppies. But don't fret, there's always the option to cuddle up with your favorite Chinese takeout and a nice bottle of wine (or handle of vodka). Instead of settling for that crappy Chinese food, this year hit up one of these glorious restaurants, and stuff your face all night long.

Olive Garden 

Italian feast for two? I think yes. Just because you're single AF doesn't mean you can't eat for two. We recommend the never ending pasta bowl, and if you want to get crazy, grab the black tie mousse cake to-go. 

Papa John's 

"Better ingredients. Better Pizza" that's the motto! Honestly, Papa John's always hits the spot. So if you're feeling lonely, which is okay, call or order online this V-day! 

Cheesecake Factory

Ahh, always a classic. Cheesecake never fails. With a plethora of both entrees and desserts, this menu will never fail. We recommend the chicken and biscuits because they are bomb AF. However, this is not the place to go if you don't want to consume a ton of calories

Texas Roadhouse 

Unlimited rolls anyone? This comfort food even rivals that of anything my Mom makes back home. With both great food and unlimited buttered rolls, takeout from Texas will send you into a food coma so deep, you'll forget you're single in the first place. 

Outback Steakhouse

If you're like most of us and can't drop next month's paycheck at Capital Grille, then Outback is the place to be. I mean c'mon, who doesn't love that amazing Australian voice in the background of their commercials? Order the bloomin' onion for a whole new experience with fried veggies.

Love yo' self, and love yo' food. This Valentines Day, grab some good grub from one of these amazing places, gather some friends, and have a great night even though you don't have a Valentine. TBH who cares - it's a Hallmark holiday anyway.