Ah, The Cheesecake Factory. Despite its name, this classic American chain doesn't just serve up tasty slices of Cheesecake, but rather boasts a menu worthy of short novel status. From fresh salads to creamy Fettucini Alfredo, the menu has something for everyone.  

However, we aren't here to discuss the green and leafy options, but rather the ones that will put you in a pant-unbuttoning food coma. That's right. This list of The Cheesecake Factory's most unhealthy foods contains meals that have enough calories to sustain a normal-sized adult for an entire day. But, you know, sometimes you just gotta ball out. 

1. Fish n' Chips 

This basket of fried goodness comes in at a hot 2,160 calories of beer-battered goodness. Now, there's no fooling anyone here. You had to know what you were getting yourself into when you order a plate full of FRIED fish and french FRIES, am I right?

2. Chicken & Biscuits 

A classic southern meal served with mashed potatoes and veggies, this comfort food comes at a cost of 2,260 calories. Thats more than a 140 lb active woman should eat in an entire day! But you know, we all need a little comfort every now and then, I get it. 

3. Bistro Shrimp Pasta 

Cheesecake's rendition of a classic shrimp scampi, this buttery dish contains 2,290 calories and 72 grams of fat in one serving. I'm no nutritionist but I can read a food label, and thats 365% of your recommended fat intake for the day, folks! Count the free bread and butter you'll devour at the table and you've already dipped into tomorrow's recommended calorie intake. 

4. Pasta Carbonara 

This classic savory pasta dish consists of a cream-based sauce tossed with bacon, cheese and peas. Although this dish is nothing new, Cheesecake’s hefty portion bring this dish to a whopping 2,290 calories with a shocking 81 g of fat. 

5. Louisiana Chicken Pasta

The Louisiana Chicken pasta is one of Cheesecake’s classics and consists of a southern-fried piece of chicken atop a savory pasta dish — holy carbs. Fried food atop a plate full of pasta — there's no wonder this famous dish rings in at 2,050 calories and 58 g of fat. 

6. Fettucini Alfredo With Chicken

Here we go, folks. Looking to order the most high-calorie option on The Cheesecake Factory’s menu? The Fettucini Alfredo with chicken is your go-to. Coming in hot with 3,209 calories and 87 g of fat. This dish has almost enough calories to feed 2 small adults, all on one plate. You’ll surely have a raging food baby after this one. 

7. Chicken Bellagio

Another fried chicken and pasta pairing, the Chicken Bellagio is a famous Cheesecake Factory dish. This crispy chicken is layered over a basil-cream pasta with prosciutto. Coming in at 1,980 calories and 2,530 mg of sodium (150% of your recommended daily intake), this filling dish is not for the health-conscious. 

8. Crispy Chicken Costoletta 

With three pieces of fried chicken and nearly ¾ lbs of mashed potatoes, the crispy chicken Costoletta has a heart-stopping 2,610 calories and 2,720mg of sodium. That’s a calorie equivalent of an entire 12-piece bucket of KFC chicken. This one will for sure require some belt loosening and pant un-buttoning. 

With a menu of more than 250 items, there's surely something for everyone at The Cheesecake Factory. For you health nuts out there, they even offer a SkinnyLicious menu, so don't let this listing scare you away. However, if you're looking to indulge in the restaurant's most caloric dishes, this list is your guide to food baby euphoria.