As someone who is gluten-free, it is always hard to find gluten-free options when dining out on and around campus. However, it doesn't mean that it's impossible to find something irresistible that won't make me itchy.  Here's where to splurge on gluten-free breakfast, lunch, and dinner around MadTown. 

Breakfast: Short Stack Eatery

Olivia Fuld

There are many places you can go for a good and filling breakfast, but Short Stack takes the cake. Literally. Short Stack is unique because gluten-free pancakes are an option, along with eggs prepared any way you wish. Luckily, if SSE is closed, there are are a few other great gluten-free brunch options in Madison that are worth checking out. 

Lunch: Casetta Kitchen and Counter

Olivia Fuld

Casetta Kitchen and Counter is a new gem here in MadTown, and it's now a favorite among students. It's hard to find gluten-free bread in Madison, but luckily Casetta has the perfect option. Casetta does not only offer gluten-free bread, but their friendly staff will prepare a sandwich any way you wish, with all the toppings you can imagine. 

Dinner: Cento

Olivia Fuld

Cento is able to prepare any of their pasta dishes with gluten-free pasta. Enjoy alfredo, bolognese, marinara, and a wide variety of mix-ins. You won't even know it's gluten-free, and you'll get rid of some of that abroad FOMO.

Gluten-free does not have to mean dry or boring. It can be hard to find gluten-free options that are worth emptying your wallet. Luckily, Madison is crawling with options that memorable, Instagramable, and actually taste like real food.