As someone with Celiac Disease, finding snacks and meals to eat can be quite time-consuming and challenging. Throw in the fact that I’m also the pickiest eater, and getting groceries becomes a massive task. Finding options for my gluten-free diet can feel like a treasure hunt, even while there are lots of gluten-free products at the major grocery chains like Publix and Whole Foods.

So, every Sunday, I like to go to my happy place, a.k.a. the destination for gluten-free foods. Although it’s smaller than most grocery stores, Trader Joe's is the place where I load a cart full of gluten-free snacks (and flowers as a treat for myself — they are gluten-free, after all). These are the snacks, sweets, meals, and other products that I go for on repeat. And you can trust me. I’ve been eating gluten-free since April of 2022.

1) Gluten-Free Everything Bagels

Image by Trader Joe's

I had given up hope that I would ever eat something that tasted as wonderful as my weekly trip to Einstein Bagels when I first switched to a gluten-free diet. Publix's gluten-free bagels taste like brittle, disintegrating bread. But the Trader Joe's Everything Bagels are as delicious as a bagel full of gluten. I like mine toasted or covered in jam or cream cheese. You could even eat it plain because of how fantastic it tastes. And for gluten-free bread, I assure you that's saying a lot.

2) Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins

Image by Trader Joe's

The cinnamon coffee cake muffins are conveniently located next to the bagels. Most gluten-free muffins and cookies typically have a very dry texture and are easy to break. I wasn't expecting these gluten-free muffins to be as decadent and moist as these are. Each mouthful of the muffin has a slight crunch from the sugar that has been sprinkled on top, which balances with the softness.

3) Gone Bananas!

Image by Trader Joe's

As someone with a sweet tooth, I was devastated when I found out I had to cut gluten out of my life. I always assumed that those who claim to eat gluten-free are health gurus who consider chocolate to be the worst substance on the planet. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to avoid gluten while still enjoying sweets. And this product is a perfect example of that. The balance between the frozen banana slices and the dark chocolate coating is so perfect that it tastes just like cheesecake. It will literally make your tastebuds go bananas!

4) Falafel Mix

Image by Trader Joe's

I just visited Israel and had no idea that some falafel mixes could include gluten. I was unsure if Trader Joe's carried falafel because it is a traditional cuisine in my religion and culture. They did, to my surprise. I've been convinced ever since that TJ's truly has everything. Even though it is gluten-free, the several spices give it a ton of flavor, and it tastes amazing dipped with hummus.

Gluten-Free products to skip at Trader Joe’s

1) Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets

Before having to go gluten-free, my entire diet was made up of pasta and chicken nuggets. I searched Whole Foods and Publix but couldn't find my favorite finger snack in a gluten-free version, which left me feeling really let down. But then I found the gluten-free chicken nuggets at Trader Joe’s. I really liked the taste of the breaded chicken nuggets from Trader Joe's when I first tried them. However, after a few time, the chicken nuggets begin to taste overly chicken-like. They are something you can have every now and again when the craving strikes, but maybe it's because I  miss the breaded gluten nuggets a little too much.

6) Gluten-Free Joe-Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies

Image by Trader Joe's

These gluten-free cookies are intended to be replicas of Oreos. The sole distinction between Trader Joe's gluten-free Oreos and real Oreo cookies is that Joe-Joe's cookies are easier to break apart. And that makes them not nearly as good and worth skipping.

7) Mini Chicken Tacos

Image by Trader Joe's

The taco shells for these miniature chicken tacos are prepared from corn flour rather than wheat flour. I was really eager to purchase these since, as a college student, I enjoy quick and simple food preparation methods. All I have to do to prepare frozen tacos is pop them in a microwave or air fryer? I’m in. But these gluten-free tacos are not good. The taco shells were quite bland and tasteless. Guacamole was  my last ditch effort to save it, but it was unsuccessful. The chicken itself was the only appetizing component.

8) Cauliflower Gnocchi

Image by Trader Joe's

As a picky eater, I had a pasta obsession. The week before my 18th birthday, I received my celiac disease diagnosis, and that week, as a final farewell, I ate gnocchi. Yes, I woke up the following morning utterly sick, but it was the last time I ate gluten. I was on the edge of tears when I first saw the gluten-free gnocchi at Trader Joe's. And I know this is a hot take, but I was met with disappointment. I literally started crying after tasting it because I was so disappointed. It was really dry, and neither Alfredo nor tomato sauce could improve it.