Plastic wrap is undoubtably one of the greatest kitchen inventions out there. You can use it to perfectly poach an egg, make sushi, or just to cover up your leftovers for lunch tomorrow. While that's all great, plastic wrap is contributing to the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic created by the plastic industry. And the worst news? Most of the plastic that we use ends up in landfills. But there's still hope. Bee's Wrap has created a product to help reduce your amount of plastic waste, and start bringing that number down one leftover sandwich at a time.

The concept

Grayce Nieberle

Bee's Wrap is a company based in Bristol, Vermont. The company creates "sustainable food storage" as an alternative to products like Ziplock bags or plastic wrap. Their product consists of organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Not only is it washable and reusable, but it also is compostable. That's a win-win because when the wrap stops being usable after about a year, you still aren't contributing a single thing to landfills—less waste means a happier environment.

How does it work?

Grayce Nieberle

Bee's Wrap products use the heat of your hands to mold to your favorite foods. Once the product cools, they hold their shape, which creates a seal. Their wraps come in many varieties, including standard sizes like small, medium, or large, as well as more specific assortments, such as sandwich or baguette wraps.

With proper care, you can use these wraps over and over again for your favorite foods—just imagine how much plastic wrap that would save. And caring for Bee's Wrap is super easy, just wash the wrap with cold water and dish soap, and then let it air dry.

Why beeswax?

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Beeswax has naturally occurring antibacterial properties, which keeps your food fresh and makes the wraps reusable. The beeswax is from sustainably-managed hives, which is just one of the qualities that makes Bee's Wrap a Green America certified company.

The product

Grayce Nieberle

I ordered a medium wrap and a sandwich wrap from Bee's Wrap and instantly fell in love. The prices range from $6 to $15 per single wrap, depending on the size. This may seem like a steep price, but since they last for a year and keep plastic out of landfills they are a great value (and you can't really put a price on saving the environment). 

Grayce Nieberle

The medium wrap can be easily molded for a variety of uses—a small pouch to hold fruits and veggies, storage for cheese, or a lid to seal a bowl.  

Grayce Nieberle

The sandwich wrap is thoughtfully designed, with small details, including a wooden bee button and string to secure the pouch shut. It is perfect for packing sandwiches for lunch, or for a weekend picnic with friends. It's super simple to use, and keeps your sandwich snugly confined and fresh until you are ready to eat it. 

Both products were easy to clean, and dried fairly quickly after washing. They both arrived with a faint beeswax smell, but that doesn't transfer to the food. Even if the scent really bothers you at first, Bee's Wax assures that it will fade after the first few washes.

Bee's Wrap products are a great buy. With the company's sustainable mission and easy to use wraps, it's an ideal scenario for both you and the environment. If you aren't ready to fully switch over, try purchasing just one or two wraps to cut down on your plastic waste. Every little bit counts and can make a difference.