How is bread made? The equation for bread is grain flour+water+maybe eggs, right? Wrong. That's not always the case.

A new bread has hit the shelves and it is different from the rest of the bloaty, carb-filled, and gluten-packed breads that we normally meet at the grocery store. This new bread is sweetened with honey and is packed full of nutrients.

The name of this new player is Barely Bread. It's grain-free, gluten-free, and low in carbs. It's made of almond flour, coconut oil, and other good-for-you ingredients— making it an awesome snack. If you're struggling with Celiac disease or trying to watch your carb content to lead a healthier life, Barely Bread will be there for you.

But why shouldn't I eat just normal bread?

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Sarah Silbiger

Bread is awesome, right? It can be packed with fiber (if it's whole grain), it leaves a warm feeling in our tummies, and we've been eating it for millennia. But there are definitely some downsides to enjoying a turkey sandwich on white bread, like I used to.

"Normal" bread (white, whole grain, multigrain) contains high levels of gluten to assist the dough through the rising process. Our beloved gluten can cause parts of our bodies to become inflamed, such as our skin and stomach.

That's right, gluten can cause discomfort, even if you don't have Celiac disease. 

Your usual bread most likely contains refined grains. Unlike whole grains, refined grains are stripped of their health benefits in the refining process. These manufactured grains also cause a spike your blood sugar levels, causing your insulin levels to skyrocket. 

The Things I Would Do With You...

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Phillip Massey

I'm not gonna lie, but when you first bite into this bread, it might taste and feel super nutty because of the almond flour. However, every problem has a solution

This bread sounds different and it might taste different, but the recipes and ideas are the same as old fashioned bread. I spread guacamole on a slice to simulate avocado toast , this combo turned out even tastier than avocado toast on traditional bread.

#SpoonTip: Toast the slices of Barely Bread to replace the nutty texture with a toast-like crunch and taste.

There are tons of ways to step up your toast game. Another awesome idea is to put hummus on a toasted slice and top it with some figs, don't knock it until you try it. Better yet, lay some natural peanut butter and fresh jam on that bad boy to bring back the good ol' days of mama's PB&Js.  

Substitute your normal whole grain bread with this grainless "bread" for a light, low carb snack or even a meal.

Sorry Vegans!

Bad news, this bread isn't fit for all.

Regular bread isn't for everybody and unfortunately, neither is this one. Barely Bread is made with natural ingredients, but nothing is perfect. Keep in mind, this product contains eggs. I know, I know, but I never said this low carb bread was vegan.

Certain diets come with certain restrictions. The creators of Barely Bread had a vision of a low carb food that people following a gluten free diet could nosh on. They didn't, however, think of the vegans and the raw eaters. Made with honey and eggs, Barely Bread is not for the heroic vegans or raw dieters. It is for those Paleo kids, though!

Some people can enjoy this new invention while others can't (you know who you are). If Barely Bread fits your lifestyle, you'll never get bored with it. This new bread can be enjoyed with as much variety as our everyday avocado toast, but know that this option is gluten-free. 

Still can't believe bread can be made without actual flour? I'll prove it. Put down your whole grain avocado toast, grab the running shoes, and head on over to one of these locations to buy Barely Bread. Toast it, spread on the guac (generously), and then you can tell me what bread should be made of