Recently, food bloggers all over the world have begun to swear by diets such as Raw Till 4 or going Raw Vegan. They believe that by eating more raw foods, you can be a healthier version of yourself. But are you ready to give up all of the pizza, fries, or even perceived necessities like chicken to be like these food gurus? Below are five reasons why you should consider eating more raw foods:

1. It’s actually better for you

raw foods

Nutritionally, studies have shown that food is denatured as it cooks. That means that many of the nutrients health websites boast about vegetables actually leach out in the cooking process and are less readily available for your body. (Yikes!) Why not just eat them raw and make the most of the food you consume.

2. Your body will feel noticeably healthier

There’s a reason all of these health bloggers swear by raw food. Because of all these nutrients you retain by not cooking the food, you not only feel better but you’ll have more energy long term. Not to mention that this allows those bloggers to have all of the motivation they need to work out longer and maintain their stunning physiques.

3. Your skin will clear up

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Layman

Acne is caused by unwanted oil buildup in your pores. This is often a result of eating foods such as dairy and carbohydrate-rich foods. Raw foods enable you to eat less of these skin cloggers and not only feel good, but look good too.

4. You’ll naturally eat less

Photo by Aurelie Corinthios

Raw food usually has less calories than cooked food. That means that you can practically have five bowls of salad for the same amount of calories as your average steak. Therefore, when you eat raw food, you can eat until your full and still eat less than you would’ve otherwise.

5. It tastes amazing anyway

Photo by Alice Huang

It’s not hard to find raw food you’ll like. In fact, many foods such as sashimi, strawberries, and salads are raw and you probably didn’t even realize it. Plus, now that so many people are turning towards this trend, there are plenty of yummy recipes you can use to make your raw food even better… and there’s even raw dessert!
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