Bachelor in Paradise was a whirlwind this season, to say the least. There was a lot of drama, but really were we expecting there not to be? The favorites and the villains came back, and some people who were irrelevant, but they were all looking for love in paradise. Each contestant came in with distinctive traits all of which can be described as different foods.  So while we wait around for January, we can reminisce about the best and worst contestant moments of the season... and food.

Angela- Strawberries

A sweet fruit, strawberries are a go-to snack always. Angela was our go-to girl, always a voice of reason and a sweet gal. 

Annaliese- Popcorn

A fun snack with so many varieties, popcorn is always a favorite. Annaliese was a favorite this season... or was she? It seems like she may be as annoying as the kernel thats stuck in your teeth, but we love her anyways. 

Astrid- Coffee

Coffee is always there to get you through your day. Astrid was always there to help contestants get through paradise with her energy and kindness.

Benoit- Croissant

Croissants are French. Benoit is French. It just makes sense. 

Bibiana- Hot Peppers

Bibiana brought a feisty attitude and personality with her to paradise. Nothing is spicier than a hot pepper, except maybe Bibi's personality. 

Cassandra- Rainbow Cake

Cassandra is stunning. Well, it makes sense because she's a makeup artist. Full of energy and bright colors, a rainbow cake is the perfect food to describe Cass.

Chelsea -Lobster Roll

Chelsea is from Maine, where lobster rolls are everywhere. Delicious, sweet, and pretty to look at, she and a lobster roll go hand-in-hand. 

Chris- Goose

Nobody really knows where the nickname goose came from, but I guess that means Chris is one.

Christen- Scallops

Scallop Fingers... enough said. 

Colton- Lemonade

The new bachelor is a glass of lemonade. Not only does his charity revolve around lemonade stands, but also Colton is sweet with some sour moments mixed in. 

Connor- Protein Shake

Another bachelor nation contestant who's a personal trainer, Connor definitely has quite a few protein shakes a week. 

David- Chicken

Sorry, I had to do it. For those who didn't watch Becca's season of the Bachelorette, David showed up on the first day wearing a chicken costume. As crazy as it was, he stood out and is probably going to be known as "the chicken guy". In his interviews on BIP, his job description is now former chicken...  guess it's really sticking.

Eric- Cheese

Can we get a count on how many times Eric said cheese this season?

Jenna- FitTea

Jenna is one of those influencers on Instagram that's constantly advertising FitTea and other similar products. As a fitness guru, it only makes sense that she would love health products. 

Joe- A whole grocery store

This one's a little more obvious, but how can we not love Grocery Store Joe.

John- Caviar

He created Venmo, so of course John is expensive food; he's definitely loaded. Splurging on food as high-end and expensive as caviar would just come easily to John.

American Jordan- Dog Treats

Not technically a food that humans eat, but Jordan is as loyal as a golden retriever, so it only makes sense for him to have some dog treats. 

Kiwi Jordan- Kiwi

He's from New Zealand, so I guess it's in the name.

Kamil- Polish Food

Kamil was the Polish man of our dreams... until the finale episode. But, before that, he definitely made us all want to go to Poland with him.

Kendall- Bento Box

Kendall has that sweet, quirky vibe about her, but she had some commitment issues. A bento box is the perfect meal for when you just can't commit to eating one thing. 

Kenny- Steak

Kenny is a professional wrestler, so steak is the best way to get all the protein he needs to fight in each match. 

Kevin- 8 Egg Omelette

Kevin was so excited about his 8 egg omelette that he couldn't stop gushing about it to Astrid. I mean when you have a body like that, you have to fuel it with some good food. 

Krystal- Apple Cider Vinegar

Krystal basically lived off of her apple cider vinegar... like, it was all she talked about. As a fitness guru with her own workout and meal plan, it makes so much sense. 

Leo- Processed Foods

What is the worst food on the planet? Anything processed. Leo was so fake and horrible that he is officially one of the worst bachelor nation contestants. 

Olivia- Lemon

Sassy, colorful, and full of flavor, lemons are bright and the flavor is hard to miss, just as Olivia is kind and unforgettable. 

Robby- Another Protein Shake

His abs are all over his Instagram, but I guess that's what happens when you're a social media influencer. 

Shushanna- Russian Food

Shushanna is Russian, so the food of her home country only makes sense. Also is she or isn't she a witch? 

Tia- Hot Dogs

Tia talked about craving hot dogs on the beach, so she got hot dogs on the beach, because who can live without their favorite food for so long? 

Wills- Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is colorful and Wills could be one of the most fashion-forward contestants making them the perfect match.

Bonus: Yuki and Wells- The Whole Bar

It's gotta take a lot to be the bartenders in paradise, especially with all of the drama that goes along with a reality television show. Yuki and Wells would definitely deserve a drink after one of the long paradise days.