We all know the feeling. You walk into your cousin's or younger sibling's grad party, and suddenly the attention shifts toward you. Everyone wants to know what you've been up to in college and what your plans are for the future. But truth be told, the future is terrifying and most of us do not exactly have any set plans. 

If you can relate, then this is for you. This goes out to the older friends, cousins, and siblings who have to go through these (sometimes awkward) moments at high school grad parties this summer. 

1. "So, what is college like?"

Well, besides the debt, hangovers, and frequent all-nighters, I guess it's OK? We all stumble over our words when we see Great Aunt Clara at a grad party, who wants to know exactly what college is like. So, if anyone has a good answer, please let us know. 

2. When you're craving a beer but force yourself to the soda table

This is the moment where your dignity and self-control come into play. You have Bud Light on your left and Pepsi on your right. With every ounce of the self-control that you have left, you go for the Pepsi because Grandma doesn't need to know that you can shotgun a beer in 10 seconds. 

3. "Do you have any post-grad plans?"

Um... NO. Are you kidding? I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. But are you gonna come up with something on the spot so your family doesn't judge you? Absolutely. 

4. "Can you give your cousin Billy some college advice?" 

What you want to say: "Well Billy, chances are that high school didn't actually prepare you at all for college. You'll need to re-learn how to study and how to make friends. Oh, and your new friends do not care about that one time you won the perfect attendance award in junior high."

What you'll actually say: "College is great man! #Natty #College"

5. Being reunited with high school friends

You'll probably have a few awkward hugs and the classic, "Omg how are you?!" with old friends at grad parties. Remember that one girl that you had first period history class with? Well, she's engaged now. Remember that guy you had a crush on freshman year of high school? He's dropping out of college to start his own tech company. Being reunited with high school friends can be weird, but don't be afraid to take some time to catch up — at the very least, it's a form of networking for the future. 

6. That awkward moment when your little cousin asks what's in your Solo cup

"It's umm... apple juice?" So no one saw you sneak the wine from the cooler, but there's no greater detective than a younger cousin or sibling. Quick! Abort (drinking) mission. 

7. Is that Mrs. G in the beer garden?

That awkward moment when you see your teachers get drunk for the first time... and you secretly want to join them. Word to the wise, if you're underage, don't join them. And if you are, proceed with caution. 

8. Trying to explain how many times you've switched your major 

We all know that college is a confusing time. We hardly know what we want for breakfast, let alone what we want to do with the rest of our lives. To ease this conversation, try explaining it with the perfect food based on your college major. 

9. When you're STILL single but ready to mingle 

We go to college to get more knowledge, and some also graduate with a future hubby in tow. For the rest of us, we might just be doomed to wander the planet alone forever. No matter your current relationship status, just be ready to explain it roughly a million times. 

10. When you suddenly realize you're getting old real fast

Sometimes you miss high school, but it's moments like these that really make you appreciate college. It's always relieving to leave behind the high school drama, but it also means you're getting old. In a few years, you'll be graduating college and stepping out into the real world. Now remind me, what are your future plans? 

11. Really, we're just here for the food

We'd be lying if we said we genuinely came for the good company. Whether it be Raising Cane's or Chipotle catering, or some classic summer barbecue food, you can bet the food will be fantastic (and more importantly, plentiful). 

If you can relate with any of these awkward moments, just know you are not alone. All of us college students are slowly suffering together. But on the plus side, through all these uncomfortable moments, know that you'll never be as awkward as you were back in high school.