Have you ever thought about what those lines mean on a solo cup? Well, it might just surprise you. There is a purpose to those lines, and they may just save you from drinking too much. So in honor of the recent passing of Robert Hulesman, I thought we should discuss his revolutionary invention — that is more than just a cup. Let us give him a moment of silence and raise a cup for him. 

The Lines

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Caroline Ingalls

When Mr. Hulesman decided to invent the Solo Cup, he must have had the same mentality as Derek Shepherd and thought to himself, "It's a great day to save lives". He knew that no one actually knows how much to pour from a keg, a bottle of wine, or a bottle of Burnett's (come on, what else?). 

A Shot (1 oz)

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Christin Urso

I know it doesn't seem like enough. You're probably saying to yourself "no, that's so not right." Well it is, trust me, my friends and I have checked many times. Just fill 'er up to that little first line on each red solo cup, and you've got yourself a shot.

Wine (5 oz)

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Emma Delaney

Now, in college, we don't always abide by this line because, well, it's wine, and we drink a lot more than we should. However, when pouring a glass of wine at that fancy dinner party, that second line is 5 oz a standard glass of wine. 

A Beer (12 oz)

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Missy Miller

Now when it comes to putting a cold one into your solo cup, a serving of beer would be the top of those lines. However, if you're like me, you just gotta fill it to the rim (whoops).

In honor of our friend Robert Hulesman, let's not forget that he was really looking out for us with his invention. It revolutionized how drinks are poured and perhaps saved some livers along the way.