Regardless of how played out it may be, there's no denying that the avocado trend is here to stay. Whether it's on toast, on pizza or hidden in desserts, this tasty green superfruit has proven to be versatile enough that people around the world are building restaurants completely devoted to avocado. These avocado restaurants have popped up in a bunch of places, from the United States all the way to Thailand. If you're obsessed with avocado (and don't have a fear of flying) you should definitely add these 14 avocado restaurants to your bucket list. 

1. Toasty (California, USA)

If you're all about avocado toast, then Toasty is a must-visit while you're in San Francisco. The restaurant's main offerings are interesting renditions on avocado toast that taste as good as they look. You can also find a few açai bowls and chia pudding if you happen to be with an avocado hater. 

2. Avocado Club (Berlin, Germany)

Should you make your way to Germany and are craving some avocado, Avocado Club is the place to go. With a millennial pink exterior (of course) and equally photogenic food, you're not going to want to miss it. 

3. The Hass Bistro (Bangkok, Thailand)

The first avocado eatery to open in Thailand, The Hass Bistro ships in hundreds of avocados to their restaurant every week. Some of their dishes like the avocado "bun" burger and avocado fries can be found at other places on this list, but there are quite a few dishes that have a distinct Thai flair that can't be replicated anywhere else. 

4. Avocaderia (New York, USA)

You can't talk about avocado restaurants without mentioning Avocaderia. One of the first players in the avocado-only game, they've since expanded from their original location in Brooklyn to a new one in Manhattan. I'm personally obsessed with their burrata avocado toast, but honestly, everything on their menu is awesome. 

5. The Avocado Show (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This spot was all over the news when it first opened. An avocado-only restaurant? Madness! Or at least that's what people thought before foodies and social media stars started flocking to it in droves. Besides having stunning dishes, the gang at The Avocado Show also deserve a round of applause for starting a movement.

6. Avocado Grill (Florida, USA)

A little less strict about only serving avocado, it does still play a major part on their menu. Inspired by local flavors and fresh seafood you'll find a variety of tacos, burgers and even paella at this avocado bar.

7. Avobar (London, England)

There's no hiding from avocado here. Specializing in all-day casual dining, every single dish at Avobar comes with avocado in it. Whether you wind up eating it in a grilled cheese or on top of a salad might be the hardest decision you make.

8. Madosh! Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)

If you're a fan of avocado and an even bigger fan of Japanese food, Madosh! Cafe is sure to please. Find avocado tempura or donburi (rice bowls) on their menu as well as some avocado-ey beverages. 

9. Guac (New York, USA)

First going viral for their insane renditions on guacamole (there are a dozen), this spot is not only great if you love guac, but also if you love tacos and tequila. I think I know where I'm going next Tuesday.

10. All The Batter (Singapore)

The first and only avocado restaurant in Singapore, All The Batter is primarily known for their avocado desserts like avocado cake and mousse. However, if you're not into sweets you can still try classics like an avocado smash. 

11. Cafe Avocado (Seoul, Korea)

If you've ever been to Seoul you know how difficult it can be to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants, which is just one of the things that makes Cafe Avocado so great. 

12. Oh! Vacoda (Bangkok, Thailand)

The newest spot on this list, Oh! Vacoda is the second avocado restaurant in Bangkok (and surely not the last). With a huge variety of avocado-themed sweets you've got to make sure you leave room for dessert. If you really love avocado they even have merch, so why not pick up a fun souvenir? 

13. Avocado Appétit (New York, USA)

Are you even surprised that NYC has the most avocado restaurants on this list? With a variety of dishes ranging from avocado pizza to avocado spring rolls, the dishes at Avocado Appétit are perfect whether you're riding solo or coming with a group.

14. Avocado Bay (Vancouver, Canada)

The first avocado spot to open in Canada, many of the items on their menu have a distinct Mexican flair. Find classics like ceviche, tacos and guacamole alongside other dishes like avocado stuffed burgers and avocado cheesecake.  

Now that you've seen how many different cities and countries have avocado restaurants it's time to figure out where you want to go first. And who knows, maybe in a few more months there'll be even more to visit!