Avocado toast has a reputation for being "basic," but that doesn't change the fact that this brunch staple is undeniably delicious. Whether you like to keep it simple with a dash of lime or you like getting crazy with your toppings, fans of avocado toast are fans for life. If you live in NYC or are just visiting, I'm sure you've noticed how amazing the brunch scene is and if you're on the hunt for the most amazing avocado toast in NYC, this list is a must-read.

1) Bluestone Lane

With a handful of locations in NYC (and in several other cities) Bluestone Lane is one of the city's most popular cafes. Their Avocado Smash ($13) comes with heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts and extra virgin olive oil. 

#SpoonTip: Want to make your avotoast order even tastier? Add an egg. Trust me.

2) Little Collins

This tiny spot is a touch off the beaten path, but well-worth a visit. Specializing in Australian fare, Little Collins keeps it simple with The Smash ($13) which has an avocado-feta mash on toast with chili flakes and pumpkin seeds.

3) Two Hands

A popular spot for social media stars and professional foodies, Two Hands has a pretty small menu - but what they do have, they do very well. Their take on a Smashed Avocado ($13) is served on sourdough with pickled shallots, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, sesame, chili and lime.

#SpoonTip: Don't miss out on the scrambled eggs, they're a thing of beauty.

4) Gotan

With four locations (including one in Brooklyn) Gotan is a great option no matter where you're staying in New York. Their Avocado Feta Toast ($11) comes topped with cherry tomato, mint, sunflower seeds and chili flakes on multi-grain bread.

5) Seven Point Espresso

Another Australian cafe, Seven Points has a very simple Avocado Toast ($12) that comes topped with Mexican cotija cheese, pickled onion and cilantro. Don't forget to put an egg on it for added tastiness. 

6) Loosie's Kitchen

The "sister" of popular cocktail lounge Loosie Rouge, this popular weekend-only brunch spot is as aesthetic as it is busy, so make a reservation if you plan on dining here. Their Avocado Toast ($15) comes with a soft poached egg, tofu and black pepper creme fraiche.

7) Chalait

Chalait may not be as popular as it once was, but it's still a great spot for avocado toast. Depending on which location you go to you may wind up with different toast options, but I'm a fan of The Classic Avocado & Egg ($10). Served on multigrain bread with a hard-boiled egg, radish, chive and chimichurri, it's a solid choice for avotoast lovers. 

#SpoonTip: Are you a fan of matcha? Chalait's is a must-try and comes with some killer latte art as well. 

8) The Wild Son

A cozy spot in one of the most happening areas of town, The Wild Son has a bunch of great options for brunch, but there's no denying that their Green Tartine ($10) is a must-try. With herb yogurt, red onion and sprouts, it's simple but tasty. 

9) Egg Shop

Which came first, the avocado or the egg? While The Egg Shop is primarily known for their amazing B.E.C's, their Avo & Egg ($14) still holds it own. With a soft boiled egg, tahini, watermelon radish, harissa, almonds and citrus salt the flavor of this avotoast is complex, but still familiar. 

10) Citizens of Chelsea (and Gramercy)

Every New York Instagrammer's favorite spot, Citizens serves all sorts of brunch fare all day long. The Smashing Avocado ($14) comes with a base of avocado and feta which is garnished with a bright pink beet hummus, pumpkin seeds, pickled onions and watermelon radishes. 

11) High Street on Hudson

Only available for breakfast and lunch, their simple Avocado Tartine ($14) comes with watermelon radish, braised veggies and a boiled egg. Just another example of how great, but simple avocado toast in NYC can be. 

12) Five Leaves

Tucked away in Brooklyn, Five Leaves may not seem like it's worth it to visit this eatery for some avotoast, but you'd be wrong. Their Avocado Toast ($9) has crushed avocado with green onion and radish, all served on perfect piece of grilled bread.

13) While We Were Young

Known for their cocktails and gorgeous space, this place still has some pretty solid food options. Their brunch (served Thur-Sun) offers up an Avocado Toast ($18) topped with feta, pomegranate and other aesthetic accoutrements.  

14) Blank Slate

With loads of healthy and delicious options on Blank Slate's menu, you're going to be tempted to order more than the Avocado Toast ($9), which comes with chili honey and smoked salt. As a fan of mozzarella I also think their Avocado Caprese shouldn't be missed. 


A prime example that things don't have to be fancy to tasty good, this version of Avocado Toast ($16) comes with a poached egg and za'atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend) along with a side of grapefruit. It's the type of dish you're going to try to recreate at home. 

16) Outro

One of those rare instances when you have different renditions of avotoast to choose from. The classic option, Bavaco Eggy Toast ($10), has avocado, a runny egg, bacon and cherry tomatoes on brioche bread while the more interesting (and popular) option, Avocado Salmon Waffle ($13), is served on a fluffy waffle with smoked salmon, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and dijon mustard. Which would you choose? 


With half a dozen locations in NYC, SEAMORE'S is practically an institution at this point. While primarily known for their fresh seafood (which is awesome BTW), that doesn't mean their Avocado Toast ($15) won't knock your socks off. With tomatoes and a spicy agave mayo this version of avocado toast is a winner.

18) Midwinter Kitchen

Specializing in farm-to-table cooking, Midwinter Kitchen serves some of the most sustainable Avocado Toast ($16) in NYC. Served on toasted thick cut bread, this version of avo toast comes with asparagus, grilled tomatoes and a sunny side up egg. 

19) Avocado Appetit

With a name like that, are you even surprised that they have avocado toast on the menu? Well, would you be surprised if I said they have sixThis avocado-only restaurant not only serves the like of avo burgers and avo fries, but their various sweet and savory avocado toasts ($8-$14) are great for adventurous eaters.

20) Avocaderia

I couldn't have an NYC avocado toast roundup without including the OG avocado bar, right? With a variety of avocado toasts ($7-$12) inspired by different cities around the world, you're guaranteed to find one you'll fall in love with. 

21) The Butcher's Daughter

Even though the menu changes all day, come to The Butcher's Daughter in the morning for their Smashed Avocado Toast ($8). Seasoned with curry, cilantro, lime and mustard seeds, this dish proves that the best part of avocado toast is the avocado.

22) Banter

With such an awesome menu, it goes to show just how good the Avocado Toast ($12) at Banter is. With goat cheese, tomato, herb oil, basil and pumpkin seeds, this version of avocado toast is immensely flavorful and filling. Try their Thyme Mushroom Toast if you've gotten sick of all the avocado. 

23) Sunday in Brooklyn

At this point you're probably wondering, aren't all these avocado toasts the same? And I'd like to provide this as a prime example as to how they're not. This Charred Avocado Toast ($12) has grilled avocado (you heard me, grilled), whipped ricotta, sprouts and toasted seeds, resulting a smoky, rich flavor that you won't be able to make at home.

24) Dudleys

With brunch every day, this is a great place to visit if others are closed or busy. A pretty and popular spot, their version of Avocado Toast ($10) comes with salsa verde and cherry tomatoes. 

25) Tartinery

Named after the French tartine (open-faced sandwich), it's a given that this restaurant would be serving avocado toast. Their Smashed Avocado ($9) comes on seven-grain toast and has radishes, chili flake and cilantro. If you want to try a tartine, order their Hummus & Avocado ($13.5) which is served on sourdough bread with a hardboiled egg, sprouts, hummus and avocado (obviously).

26) Stonefruit Espresso

One of the prettiest spots on this list, this hip Brooklyn coffee shop can get pretty busy, but it's well-worth the wait if you're a fan of avocado toast. The Avocado Smash ($8) is served with lime, pickled shallot and dukka (an Egyptian nut, herb and spice mixture). 

27) Jack's Wife Freda

This all-day bistro has a distinct American-Mediterranean flair, serving up dishes that please all of the senses. Try their Mashed Avocado ($13) with cherry tomato jam, pickled carrots and za'atar for a interesting take on a classic. And while this list is about avocado toast, I have to be honest, you can't go to this restaurant without trying the Green Shakshuka. 

28) Cafe Colette

This version of Avocado Toast ($11) is sure to standout from all the rest. With smoky vinegar, lime and furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning that I put on my avotoast at home) this dish is salty, acidic and smoky. Plus, it looks damn good, too.

#SpoonTip: Want to learn more about Japanese furikake? Head here.