Leaving your dog is one of the hardest things you have to do in the day. But now, you don't have to feel guilty, because you can bring your best pal out to your favorite restaurants. 

Live Oaks

Who doesn't want to sit on Live Oak's patio on a nice sunny day with the best brunch date there is? Walk by on a sunny Saturday, and you'll see tons of doggies just hanging.

Mellow Mushroom 

Your pup will be giving you those puppy dog eyes for your leftover pizza scraps. That is, if there are any.

Tacorita Patio

Snack on some queso and chips while your doggo looks on. Throw in a margarita while you're there too.

Five Guys

Eat a hot dog with your hot dog. There's nothing a dog loves more than hot dogs or burgers.

Chill Yogurt Cafe

Dogs like a sweet treat every once in awhile too you know

Moe's Original Bar B Que

Bar dog > frat dog. Yes, your dog doesn't have to be confined to the patio, you can actually bring your dog inside Moe's BBQ.

Jimmy John's

They might not be able to eat a sandwich, but they will love the free smells. Maybe your pup will even recognize your favorite delivery guy.

Rock N Roll Sushi

Too bad dogs can't use chopsticks...or a fork, spoon or knife.

Island Wing Company

I'm sure your fur baby wouldn't mind if they got your leftovers under the table. Just make sure to take out the bones.

Mama Goldberg's Deli

Can dogs eat Doritos nachos? Asking for a friend.

Little Italy's Pizzeria

Yes, people go to Little Italy's in the daytime too! And your dog will love it.

Whenever you don't have someone to eat with, bring your dog. I assure you, you'll be making plenty of friends with your sweet canine. Now go and treat your pup to a doggy date, you know they deserve it!