Bad bananas are mushy in texture and dark in color. But, do brown spots on your bananas mean that you should toss them out? Not quite. In fact, many banana recipes call for ripe bananas, since they have higher sugar content and are easier to incorporate into baked goods. Of course, there is a point where it is time to toss out overripe fruit. However, brown spots on bananas do not necessarily mean that you should discard them. In fact, some say that brown spots on bananas are better for you.

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Nutrient Content

As a banana ripens, its starch becomes simple sugars, making the fruit easier to digest and aids in digestive health. Brown spots on bananas are an easy way to observe how ripe a banana is. In addition, the riper the fruit, the more antioxidants are present, giving more protection against harmful substances that can lead to diseases and other illnesses. But, green or yellow, bananas are rich in potassium, which helps lowers one's risk of heart attacks, lowers blood pressure, and helps in weight loss.

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Prevents Cancer

According to studies in Japan, when bananas go brown, they have more tumor necrosis factor, often abbreviated as TNF. This is essentially a protein that communicates with other cells to combat inflammation and cell differentiation. So, the more TNF, the more detection and killing of abnormal cells that may lead to cancer. So, don't toss those brown-spotted bananas out yet.

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Overly Ripe Bananas?

Placing bananas that are starting to spot in the fridge can reduce their ripening speed. But, if your bananas have turned too brown for your liking, you can still slice them and stick them in the freezer. Use these frozen bananas in smoothies, blend them for DIY frozen yogurt, or simply snack on them. If frozen bananas are not appealing to you, this is the time to perfect your baking skills. Try making a banana cream pie or baking banana bread. No banana to waste and your friends will love you. Whether there are brown spots on your bananas or they are still yellow, go bananas for bananas.

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