If you’re like me and hate being honest about your emotions — yucky, am I right? — anti-conversation hearts are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Anti-conversation hearts allow you to share sarcastic remarks with loved ones, instead of cheesy feelings. For over 150 years, conversation hearts have been the go-to for moonstruck teens and adults alike. Who needs mistletoe when you have a “Kiss Me” conversation heart? That being said, candy hearts are also just a great way to start conversations with new acquaintances, making friends that will either last a lifetime or at least a couple of thrifting adventures.

What are anti-conversation hearts?

Conversation hearts are usually sweet and tender-hearted. Anti-conversation hearts will make the receiver either laugh or become incredibly offended. Unfortunately, there is no in-between. Brach, the candy manufacturer iconic for their dedication to candy hearts, developed a sarcastic take on the conversation heart through their new Wisecracks anti-conversation hearts. Although Brach’s Wisecracks offers tons of cheeky remarks for that special someone, there’s also the option of purchasing your own customized candy hearts online through My Custom Candy. If I were to personalize candy hearts, they’d come with zingers like, “this isn’t working,” “I think we should see other people,” and “I don’t love you anymore.”

Where to find anti-conversation hearts

Finally, we as a society are coming to appreciate the versatility of conversation hearts. Now you can go into your local pharmacy or grocery store and find conversation hearts in all different sizes, flavors, and themes. There are Friends-themed hearts, tiny hearts, and Very Berry hearts, but none get as many chuckles as Brach’s Wisecracks. Like a true anti-conversation hearts fan, I’ve been buying them every Valentine’s Day since Brach’s released their “Wisecracks: End the Conversation Hearts” back in 2021. Each heart comes with a snappy phrase. Examples include, Salty, Nope, Pass, and many more.

What do anti-conversation hearts taste like?

For most of my life, candy hearts weren’t for eating. In fact, somewhere in my keepsake box, I have a stale “Be Mine” that my crush Jeremy gave me in the 4th grade (no romantic moment will ever eclipse that day). However, many conversation heart manufacturers have worked, in recent years, on improving the flavor of their hearts to entice the taste buds of their customers, in addition to their hearts. I can testify that I have eaten and enjoyed Brach’s anti-conversation hearts. I like a zesty, fruity flavor, and they nailed it.

How to get anti-conversation hearts on a budget

Conversation hearts may be the Versace of Valentine’s snacks, but there are dazzling knock-off options at affordable prices. For instance, you can make your own at home. All the recipe requires is gelatin, Sprite, powdered sugar, and food coloring. Then, you can write whatever your sarcastic little heart desires on these adorable confections with candy-decorating pens.