Five. Point. Seven. Million. Dollars. That's some serious cash, right? Unfortunately for Rick Ross, an American rapper, he owes the IRS this amount in taxes

Since this is Spoon University and food is priority number one, let's dream about some of the food Rick Ross could buy with his owed money.

The Golden Donut

butter, chocolate
Maggie Pizzo

Who says you can't begin with dessert? The $100 golden donut is at the top of the list. Shiny on the outside, purple on the inside, edible gold — impossible to resist.

Number of golden donuts Rick Ross could buy: 57,000

Pizza from Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Pizza is glorious and delicious on its own. Mention that this pizza in particular is recommended by Anthony Bourdain, and you know that this is some legendary 'za. The Chicago restaurant goes against the deep-dish status quo and instead serves thin crust slices.

Number of large pizzas Rick Ross could buy: 308,274

Ladurée Macaroons

These outrageously expensive cookie sandwiches are a must if you've got $5.7 million to rip through. Although the business originated in Paris, France, the US has locations in Miami and New York. Blair Waldorf was a frequent buyer, so all you Gossip Girl fans know that these macaroons are fit for a queen—or king.

Number of 18-count boxes Rick Ross could buy: 100,000

Sushi from Sukiyabashi Jiro

For any of you who have seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary on Netflix, you know that Jiro does not mess around when it comes to sushi. The 90-year-old chef takes pride in serving simple, yet extraordinarily delicious sushi. Reservations must be made far in advance because the Tokyo restaurant houses just ten seats.

Number of 20-piece sushi meals Rick Ross could buy: 19,000

The Rainbow Bagel

bacon, tacos, chocolate
Natasha Nurjadin

This aesthetically-pleasing bagel is another must on the list. Made famous by Instagram, this colorful food sensation is available at The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn, NY. The line is always insanely long but totally worth it once you take a bite of this colorful bagel with your choice of spread or filling. 

Number of Rainbow Bagels Rick Ross could buy: 1,443,037

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

I'm very proud to say that this business originated in my hometown—Fort Wayne, Indiana. Receiving DeBrand chocolates has always been a special treat. Decadent truffles, incredible hot chocolate (once referred to as liquid sex by a friend's dad), and an amazing collection of classic and connoisseur chocolates — these are some of the many chocolate options that DeBrand offers.

Number of 32-count connoisseur boxes Rick Ross could buy: 69,511

#SpoonTip: If you're in need of a holiday gift idea, DeBrand sells (online and in store) a variety of gift baskets, towers, and trays that are guaranteed to satisfy your loved ones.

Starbucks Coffee

coffee, tea, beer
Sarah Yanofsky

Basic moment, but we all need coffee pretty frequently, and Starbucks does coffee best. If you're like me, you just can't go wrong with a peppermint mocha this time of year. Whatever your drink of choice is, you could buy a whole lot of it for $5.7 million.

Number of grande peppermint mochas Rick Ross could buy: 1,225,805

Taste of Chicago

chicken, waffle, cheese
Bridget Muckian

I am a HUGE fan of food festivals, and the Taste of Chicago festival exactly that — but more. A combination of food, music, and fun, Taste of Chicago is a must on your summer bucket list. This year, the festival featured performances by Billy Idol and The Roots along with tasty treats from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and Chicago's Dog House.

But wait, there's more! Each year, there is a Celebrity Chef du Jour, and this year's was MasterChef's Graham Elliot, along with Addison, MasterChef Junior's season 4 winner.

Number of 12-ticket food and drink strips Rick Ross could buy: 670,587

Market Restaurant + Bar

With $5.7 million to spend, I figured I'd go big. With the help of fellow Spoonie Isabella Ryan and her awesome article "The 17 Best Celebrity-Owned Restaurants, Ranked by Yelp Reviews," Tony Hawk comes in at number one with his restaurant, which serves fresh food that is locally sourced every day.

Located in Del Mar, CA, a three-course meal could include Duck Confit & Brooks Cherry Waldorf Salad as a starter, Flash Seared Local Bluefin Tuna & Dungeness Crab Tortellini as an entree, and White Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. I'm officially drooling.

Number of Seared Local Bluefin Tuna & Dungeness Crab Tortellini entrees Rick Ross could buy: 161,701

If I could buy (and more importantly, eat) all of this food with Rick Ross' millions of owed tax dollars, I would be pretty darn happy. The IRS and Rick Ross? Not so much. Until I come up with my own (un-owed) five million dollars, I'll keep on dreaming.