Saying that I grew up on breads at Domino's—particularly the breadsticks—wouldn't be a lie. As a youngin', I fully embraced the buttery, garlicky, salty slabs of carbs without question. Of course, there was much better bread out there, but did I care? Not really.

Sadly, those breadsticks of my childhood are now extinct. However, a new generation of breads are at Domino's, and they're so good that I almost forgot those classic breadsticks ever existed. Almost. Here's every one of those breads, ranked from eh to AHHHH.

7. Garlic Bread Twists

First of all, I have to say that these bread twists are barely bread twists. Sure they make a nice Greek "alpha," but these breadsticks with one crossover doesn't deserve their name. Back to these "twists," the slightly artificial-tasting garlic gets easily overpowered by any dipping sauce. Of course, if they were in front of me, I'd keep gulfing them down, but I wouldn't particularly look for them. 

6. Parmesan Bread Bites

To be honest, these bites are pretty good. They're basically small scraps of leftover pizza dough covered in parmesan. But like the Garlic Bread Twists, if they're there, I wouldn't hesitate to eat them. Those lessons on the importance of surface area from freshman year geometry do make sense, because smaller volume = more surface area = more Parmesan.

5. Parmesan Bread Twists

These twists taste exactly like the Parmesan Bread Bites—salty, cheesy, and crusty. The sole reason why they're better than the bites is because the twists are so much more fun to eat. Think about eating a gummy blob versus eating a gummy bear —which one would you go for?

4. Stuffed Cheesy Bread

CHEESE PULLLLL. First of all, Stuffed Cheesy Bread obviously beats dabs of leftover pizza dough. If you want the full cheesy experience where you take a bite and you keep pulling and pulling, but the cheese never stops coming out, this, right here, is for you.

3. Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Spinach & Feta

More cheese pull! It's basically the OG Stuffed Cheesy Bread, but so much better. It has spinach, which is a solid complement to anything, and maybe makes you feel a tiny bit healthier (amirite?). If you really want to believe it, this bread is like a spinach sautée with some cheese and an oversized crouton. Plus, this gooey concoction has crumbles of more cheese, and some crumbly feta gives you that extra tang.

2. Cinnamon Bread Twists

Of all the breads at Domino's, these are the only ones that can be considered a dessert, which gives these Cinnamon Bread Twists a special edge. As soon as I take a bite, the thought of fluffy cinnamon rolls made by my grandma just pulls on my heart strings. Even though these breads are a lazy version of classic cinnamon rolls, I'll take eat with all my heart.

1. Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Bacon & Jalapeño

OK. Here we are. The last stop on your journey of breads at Domino's. The fatty bacon, striking jalapeño, and never-ending loads of cheese come together to create a flavor symphony, kinda like Chipotle's weird SAVOR.WAVS, but it's all in your mouth.

If you haven't yet gone to the Domino's website and started putting every one of these breads in your checkout list, now is the time. But just to let you know beforehand—you're going to need about 3,948 napkins.