Candy has always been my weakness. Sour, gummy, fruity, chewy— what's not to love? However, the sugar-laden snack can throw a fork into anyone's healthy eating goals. Many times I have been left wondering, is there any solution to this age-old problem? Recently, I have found the answer to my question: SmartSweets (aka healthy candy).

SmartSweets is a company that makes gummy bears with no added sugar, and all natural ingredients. These bears are not only way better for you than your average movie theater treat, but they taste incredible.

The founder of SmartSweets, Tara Bosch (an avid candy lover) created the company after realizing that smaller, smarter food choices could have bigger effects on your body. However, she did not want to completely eliminate her favorite snacks from her diet. Instead, she set out on a mission to kick sugar, and keep candy. 

In order to eliminate all of the unhealthy sugars that are usually found in candy, SmartSweets uses natural, high quality ingredients that not make the gummies healthier, yet still taste amazing. In order to make great tasting gummy bears without adding sugar, SmartSweets uses a calorie-free sweetener called Stevia. They also color their candy using all natural flavors from fruits and veggies. In addition to being low in sugar, SmartSweets are high in fiber. In just one serving, you will find the same amount of fiber that you would in six servings of vegetables. 

If you are someone who is always looking for a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth, here is your answer. SmartSweets makes candy that you don't have to feel guilty about eating. With just 2 grams of sugar per bag, along with a hefty 24 grams of fiber, eating candy has never been this good for you. So go ahead, eat those gummy bears.