Well everyone, it's 2017 and we are STILL drinking water out of plastic bottles. No matter how many people try to persuade us to better the environment and our health, the population always gravitates towards their favorite bottled water. But the real question is: why are we so picky about which brand we drink? H2O is H2O right? For most people, the answer is no. Since there's no such thing as "water sommeliers," I conducted a blind taste test to see what people liked best.

7. Ice Mountain

Blah! Ice Mountain is NOT my fave, so it was not surprising that it came in last place. To taste testers, it has a very "rustic" taste, hence why the word "mountain" is in its name. If I'm craving some cold bottled water during a workout, this would definitely not be my choice.

6. Evian

Evian is naive spelled backwards, but it's also the name of a town in the French Alps that was founded way before people learned about spelling things backwards to create secret messages. So, if you're not an avid bottled water drinker, sipping on Evian could be seen as unsophisticated or naive. Taste testers criticized this bottled-water saying it was "too flat."  

5. Aquafina

This brand is produced by PepsiCo, although it's not as sweet and sugary as their other bottled drinks, and this water has a clean and refreshing taste, due to a 7-step purification system. Taste testers said it was pure, but was not up to standards for its "perfect taste" (as stated on the bottle's label) compared to other waters.

4. Dasani

Dasani is good, but COLD Dasani is 10 times better (yes, we served it to taste testers ice cold). Drink this bottled water while knowing that its innovate design is helping you reduce and recycle. The 100% recyclable half-liter bottle can be twisted down to half of its original size. So, you can feel that you're somewhat helping the planet while sippin' on your ice cold H2O.

3. Smartwater

Some people are led to believe that drinking Smartwater will genuinely make you smarter... well, maybe not. Taste testers did not express any sporadic raise in their IQ after a sip. However, it is full of electrolytes, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate “for taste.” Smartwater lives by the motto of being "inspired by the clouds," leaving you with a pure and crisp result.

2. Voss

When you're out to a nice dinner with your boss, he's most likely drinking this 'high-class' water: VOSS. This artesian water comes from a spring in a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway, producing pure water like no other. Because the water is naturally filtered, it's free of contact with the air and other pollutants. Leaving you to taste the purest water possible, as commented by taste testers.

1. Fiji

Ever wanted to drink Fiji water in Fiji? Well, if you can afford to drink this water on the reg, I'm sure you can cross that off your bucket list! This water does not only leave you feeling tropical and refreshed, but this 700mL bottle fits anywhere - cup holders, treadmills, or wherever your lifestyle takes you. Taste testers said they could clearly taste a difference from leading bottled-water brands, because Fiji just tasted more crisp. 

So while all you water snobs spend boat loads of money on the "best tasting" bottled water, you could be saving the planet and some cash by investing in a S'well. It's reusable, keeps your water ice cold up to 24 hours, and comes in a bunch of swanky designs. Even though it may be hard to resist buying that appetizing bottle of Fiji or ordering Voss at dinner, just think that a S'well is a solution to better the environment while enjoying H2O