Well, here we are. It's March 2020 and much of corporate America is working from home amidst a country-wide quarantine thanks to COVID-19. For many of you, working from home is a foreign concept as you're used to working 9-5 in a cubicle with management keeping a close eye on your progress. Though the times have changed, it's still important that we remain productive in our tasks while we're working from home. Here's my guide to working from home even when that Netflix remote is looking extremely tempting... 

Eat a good breakfast

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Amelia Hitchens

What really gets you going in the morning? Wether it's a donut or scrambled eggs, eat something that you know will fuel your fire for the day. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 

Getting bored with the same old eats? Try these easy 3-ingredient recipes to make when you're stuck inside. 

Keep a normal schedule

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Denise Uy

I know that nothing seems normal during this time, but you should still try to stay on a normal schedule. Yes, I mean you should still set your alarm and wake up in the morning as if you are going into work. This will keep your circadian rhythm regulated so you wont feel so out of wack. You'll thank me later. 

Use a calendar or to-do list

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Denise Uy

If you know me, you know that Google calendar is my BEST friend. Well, this little tool might be the key to your work from home success. Using a calendar or to-do list will help keep you on task and, more importantly, keep you sane. 

You can also use a calendar or to-do list to schedule breaks for yourself. Work for an hour, then take a 15 minute break to walk your dog or eat a snack. Taking little breaks throughout the day can keep you motivated and give you just enough relief to carry on. 

Don't work in bed

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Caroline Ingalls

You guys, I cannot stress this one enough! Working in bed will absolutely kill your productivity. Much like I don't suggest eating in bed, working from bed is just a bad idea. I suggest working from your kitchen table or somewhere else that is more comparable to your work desk. Even though you are working from home, you don't want to be so comfortable that you fall asleep in the middle of a report. 

Try new productivity methods

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Julia Gilman

This is the perfect time to introduce new productivity methods into your life. Experiment with a morning routine, start using a new productivity app, journal or do some mid-day yoga. Whatever helps you be productive, do that. 

You can also lean on whoever you're being quarantined with. Maybe they have some awesome productivity hacks that you can borrow, or maybe you can try something together. It's time to get creative!

Do some spring cleaning

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Angela Pizzimenti

And no, I don't mean clean your whole apartment (but please do that if you need to). I'm talking about cleaning up your online workspace. Working from home makes for the PERFECT time to delete old emails, clean up those unorganized desktop folders, delete those contacts whose names you don't even recognize and take care of the little tasks that you've been putting off for so long. When this is all over, you'll go back to work a whole new person!

Practice self care

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Jocelyn Hsu

Last, but certainly not least...Pleaseeee take care of yourself! Drink orange juice, do a face mask, exfoliate, replace your toothbrush, wash your sheets, take a bubble bath. Use this time to not only catch up on work, but catch up on you! Don't let working from home stress you out. Remember that we're all in this together, and you can always FaceTime a friend or co-worker if you're feeling lonely. 

I hope this helps some of you as you navigate the working from home lifestyle. As always, be safe and smart and wash your dang hands!