I don’t think I really appreciated how stocked my mom keeps our kitchen at home until I went to cook my first meal in my first apartment only to find that tools like whisks, spatulas, and measuring cups are not “comes with the apartment” things. My roommate and I have started to build our kitchen toolbox through “borrowing” from home, searching second-hand stores, and indulging on the occasional trip to HomeGoods. And the star of this search: our GreenPan sauté pan. Because honesty is the best policy, I will admit that my roommate really introduced me to GreenPan, so I am declaring this a love letter to my GreenPan cookware as well as a love letter to her. 

The GreenPan Company

GreenPan specializes in non-stick pans that are safe for you and for the environment. From saucepans to woks to griddles, GreenPan has cookware for almost any cooking need you can think of.

Pan Safety

Unlike other non-stick pans, GreenPan cookware is made from ceramic. Traditional non-stick coating uses plastics ridden with chemicals like per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS, PFOA), lead, or cadmium. When the plastic coatings are heated, they degrade and release their chemicals as fumes. The FDA has prevented further production using chemicals like PFAS because of cancer and other health complications that arise from inhaling these fumes. However, many of these chemicals are labeled “forever chemicals", meaning they persist in the environment and in our bodies. GreenPan cookware is made from a plastic free, sand alternative called Thermolon. Without any form of PFAS, GreenPan products do not release toxic chemical fumes.

Environmental Benefits

Just like chemicals from plastics can harm our bodies, they can harm the environment. PFAS infiltrates water systems, leading to levels of chemical toxicity that impact water quality and organisms that live in or drink from the water. Water toxicity also influences soil quality, which in turn influences plant growth. On top of the benefits of a plastic-free pan, GreenPan is committed to sustainable practices as a company. 30% of the factory runs on solar energy and the company has a waste-water treatment plant. 

My GreenPan Experience

Lily Trossman

Using GreenPan cookware is a way for me to take care of myself while also helping the environment. Not to mention I love cooking with this pan. We have made so many meals in it, including stir fry, burgers, and tacos. It heats up really quickly because Thermolon is an effective heat conductor and it is so easy to clean. I have done a number on a few stainless steel pans frying food like tofu. Those cooking projects usually lead to a few days of soaking the pans in cleaner and using special settings on the dishwasher (which I discovered trying to save my mom’s big saucepan) for multiple rounds. But I never have to worry about the GreenPan, which has consistently been easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher if needed.

From health benefits to environmental welfare to the ease of cooking and clean-up, GreenPan checks a lot of boxes. Overall, I would say that GreenPan is a worthwhile investment for those who cook a lot. To my Greenpan - I appreciate you.