Spoon Scouts is the ultimate foodie treasure hunt organized every year by Spoon University-Delhi. The third edition of Spoon Scouts took place on September 6, 2017, at the remarkable hub for broke college students aka Hudson lane.

All foodies united to compete in this sacred affair leading to the honor of procuring free food, which explains the 200 registrations we received. Alas, only the first 60 teams that managed to crack our online clue (the answer was Cowboy's Cafe) qualified for the offline round at Hudson Lane.

Bhavya Bansal

The treasure hunt encompassed four rounds, and the rule was straightforward; to move from one cafe to the other after solving a clue. Rounds 1 and 2 were quite easy and fun, with the participants running around in search of cafes, and performing activities like guessing the ingredient in a given dish. Round 3 was known as Scavenger Hunt in which a list of four clues was provided to be solved in a particular order. The last and the final round included Beg Borrow Steal, where the participants were directed to a nariyal paani seller, momo stall, pineapple seller and juice vendor.

Here are some of the clues for the treasure hunt, rack your brains to figure them out.

1. Vintage Avenue

tomato, cheese, ketchup, hot dog
Shreya Sahni

"North of Delhi lies a classic place, Food and drinks take up all the Space.

Indian, Italian, Chinese and people from all over the mainland can enjoy, and relish everything they buy.

The name you ask? Well, it rhymes with the process of minting coins."

Vintage Avenue probably has one of the best ambiance of all the cafes in Hudson Lane. Their extensive menu offering a wide variety of cuisines makes it an exceptional place to dine.

2. Wood Box Cafe

seafood, macaroni, fish, sauce, cheese, vegetable, pasta
Karan Kapoor

"Now that you've come this far upon the wooden docks

It’s time to think out of the box

What does a forest have most do you think? You better solve this clue in a blink! A tower of layers of pure heaven you'll find hereIf you've got a sweet tooth, you hold this very dear."

A large and spacious cafe offering multiple kinds of bread such as croissant, focaccia, panini and a great deal of other delicious food items. What more do we need?

3. Hunger Strike

vegetable, dairy product, beef, meat, bread, parsley
Kartik Sharma

"Go to this place. Step your game and try to win the race.Idhar Jao with a sad face. Plate mein nhi bachega khane ka trace.

This place was born in the south. Here it will become the king of the north. PS: This is where Anna Hazare got his fame. Guess the name."

Hunger Strike is a well-known name when it comes to Tandoori momos. The clue evidently talks about this place because I'm sure the plates are licked clean while eating here. 

4. YOLO 21

macaroni, parsley, basil, penne, tomato, sauce, vegetable, pasta
Ayushi Gupta

"Order pleaseTo begin with, I always preferred Peri Peri Kebab Pizza to Breakfast at Tiffany's. Secondly, Butter Chicken Panini with Gordon Ramsay looking' at me. Baked Nachos, that like MJ's music excites me.

Sounds like a big meal but Carpe F***ing Diem, Right?

The special way in which YOLO 21 treats you is a testimony to their name. Oodles of cheese and lip-smacking desserts will leave you satisfied. 

5. Spezia Bistro

Aditya Rao

"Head out there on any day of the week. This place won’t disappoint you if it’s the great food that you seek. Name is Italian but it is blended with Desi spices.

Ensuring quality and offering service at decent prices. Doesn’t matter what may the occasion be. Chill out with your friends or dine with family."

Spezia Bistro has created a name for itself amidst the expanse of Hudson Lane, probably because of the vast menu, affordable rates, and quality food. Head over here for delectable platters, sizzlers, and fries!

6. Box Office Cafe

birthday cake, cake
Anirudh Krishnan

"We love recycling- whether it's a lightbulb, dear old Bollywood stars of yesteryears, Lights above and stars below,

Our range of cuisines will make your day glow."

Treat your filmy soul at a Bollywood themed restaurant with tasty food and classic decor. Even their menu has a filmy twist with names like Cheenikum Salad and Unda Apna Apna. 

7. Central Perk

mousse, yogurt, milk, strawberry, chocolate, ice, cream
Bhavya Bansal

"You want to gather at this comfort place after a long day but what you don't know my dear is that it's no more a fictional place. We have all been here in our own fantasy world. The red brick walls call you to remind you of 1994."

You cannot be a true F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan if you haven't yet visited this themed cafe. Make sure you order extra fries for the table because Joey doesn't share food!

8. Hello Meal

vegetable, rice
sakshi tyagi

"Slop, laze & cram as always you do!

No need to run to feed your belly full.Go ahead pranking “Tony's chef”, all you need to ring at that TV series-obsessed. Bid “Hello” to its every meal, they will retort you with an irresistible steal!"

Whether you're craving Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisine, Hello Meal will deliver all of it at your doorstep. Delicious food at dirt cheap rates is what every college student aches for. 

9. For God's Cake 

Bhavya Bansal

"Though I offer savory treats, I'm known for all things sweet,

With leaves on the walls and pretty wooden chairs,

Seating is available in two sections here, 

Fairy lights and blackboards make the ambiance 10/10, Taste our desserts, and you'll definitely come back again."

Chocolate truffle, apple pie, red velvet, brownies, cake in a jar, you'll get it all here. With pretty decor and food that melts your senses, this place is go-to for dates and brunches. 

10. 3 Pipers

Bhavya Bansal

"They play with the numbers, hoping to bring back memories of the Pied Piper, don't you agree?

It's mostly about the hookah, naanza and harissa, this place is a bonanza you must go and see."

Well, the first line was enough to give away the answer. Yep, you guessed it right, it's 3 Pipers. With a variety of flavors of hookah and easy on pocket food, 3 Pipers is the place to be if you wish to spend a relaxed afternoon with your friends.

11. Oh Boy!

Bhavya Bansal

"Food is delicious and the music is loud

Catering to customer’s needs is something they boast about. Make a toast and let yourself loose, Blow the sheesha and get over the Monday blues. So take your GIRL out for some dance and drinking, We promise you she will be left happily exclaiming!!!"

Boy, Oh boy! If you're looking for a party scene, look no further than Oh Boy Lounge. With a dance floor, separate hookah and smoking section, if you're lucky, you might even see a live performance to serenade your evening. 

12. Broaster Chicken

Anirudh Krishnan

"A café with yummy chicken strips and fries,

A place where you bid your worries goodbye. It has special burgers with red and green buns, This is a place where you come to have fun. A genuine place with a special method of cookin', It's a café that specializes in selling amazing chicken."

If you've ever breathed in Vijay Nagar, you'd know the answer to this one is Genuine Broaster Chicken. Along with chicken and multi colored burgers, we suggest trying chocolate Samosa and Gulukand Muffin.

13. Raw Creams

candy, chocolate, milk, sweet, coffee
Priyaank Sharma

"Come to me when you're frustrated with the heat, I'll whip up something cool in a heartbeat,

Choose from flavors like gulab jamun and bubble gum,We'll serve it with the goodness of liquid nitrogen,The graffiti on the walls add to the decor,The overall experience will make you crave more."

Well, guessing this was a cake walk, or if we might say ice cream walk. The Kiwi Creamlette is such a refreshing respite from the scorching sun and monotony of life.

14. Bake Lane

pizza, tea, beer
Anirudh Krishnan

"With pastries, quick bites and more, you'll find this patisserie in a lane close to a place with no vacancy as it claims. A microcosm of its name, the decor is sure to remind you of your nursery rhyme Hot Cross Bun."

Bake Lane is our favorite cute little corner to spend afternoons in, devouring our favorite books and their pastries, with obviously good ol’ hot chocolate. 

Adding some excitement, things got slightly tougher (okay, more than slightly) this season, as we added Scavenger Hunt and Beg Borrow Steal rounds.

Find below the respective clues:

Scavenger Hunt

15. Momotarian

potato, sauce, chicken, meat
Ayushi Gupta

"What's the one thing that Punjabis love the most and what's Delhi's favorite street food

Well, this place serves the combination of both. Guess, who am I?"

One of the new Cafés to open up in Hudson, Momotarian has also become our new favorite momo spot. The butter chicken momos and pizza momos in Italian sauce definitely make up for the lack of ACs.

16. Tony's

Divya Bajaj

"I am colored in Yellow and Green with bottles hanging down the ceiling.

I am no less than a heaven for chocolate lovers, from Sandwiches to Shakes, I have them all..."

Yes yes, you guessed it right, it's no other than our absolute favorite sandwich joint, Tony's. The banoffee Nutella sandwich is a pure pleasure sensory overload. 

17. Bistro

Anirudh Krishnan

"When the hot weather in the city, made survival difficult, this small little place around the nook came to our rescue. Situated right behind the infamous McDonalds in Kamala, it has got a number so prime that it doesn't even need to rhyme. Coffees, shakes, desserts, coolers. They've got it all, all under Rs. 120, saving you from making a big hole in your pocket."

If it's under Rs. 120, you know it's Bistro 57. Does the classic Blueberry shake light up your world too, or are we the only ones?

18. Thee Pot

tea, beer, espresso, coffee
Kartik Sharma

"As the monsoons in Delhi, stopped by for longer this year, our relationship with tea became stronger, with this place serving a taste of saffron that we wouldn't really complain about.

But, mind you, this isn't the only enticing thing here. They manage to keep food tasty, with a no fry policy. But just in case, you wish to cheat on this healthy endeavor of yours, the waffles here, are the way to go."

The newly opened joint in Hudson, Thee Pot is already gaining momentum with its iconic Zaafrani Chai. What's more, all items on the menu are air fried. Talk about healthy and tasty. 

Beg Borrow Steal

We decided to help the street vendors in Hudson Lane through our event, which is why we introduced this round. The participants were required to request potential customers to try food items and buy them. 

a) Juice Seller

"Hues of red, orange and green that Can beckon you from a distance, like an oasis full of Elixir in a hot and dreary desert. This is where you shall quench your thirst, this is where a good Samaritan meets another."

b) Momos

"The moment you pop one into your mouth is the moment in which you feel complete. Easy on the pocket, these little babies. Buy some and make yours (and someone else's) day brighter."

c) Pineapple Seller

"Fresh, juicy yet poky from its face. Spy a seller of this crazy escape. Raw Creams is its friend, Near whom this vendor slays. 

No matter what help him make a sale. Use your skills and ask anyone to try that fruit taste."

d) Nariyal Paani

"Be it a sunny day or a walk back from the morning exercises, this drink continues to quench our thirst not just in Bombay but almost everywhere. Let's see if you can find this flavor in the diverse lane that is Hudson."

With puffed cheeks, unwavering enthusiasm and all answers but one, the following three teams crossed the threshold to reach the final stage: Oh My Foodie, The Anonymous Crew and Burp and Tell (for the second time in a row, yay!). The loot was claimed by Kanika Malhotra and Yash Jeena from Oh My Foodie.

Gurjot Singh

But when it comes to Spoon University - Delhi, nobody goes home empty handed. Each participant received a goodie bag containing luscious, mouthwatering muffins from Kuppies.in, heavily discounted food coupons from multiple partner cafés and wait for it… Nando’s, and a whole lotta love from SpoonDU!

We also thank Snapstore app and Graphic Songs for supporting us.

All good things come to an end, but for the best ones, the end is temporary!

Signing off, until next year.