It's not often that things bring into my life as much happiness as fresh-baked cookies do. You think my life is pathetic? I disagree. Fresh-baked cookies are the the ultimate emblems of love. My life is not that pathetic. I, as well as many other people, just enjoy receiving edible emblems of love. 

Let's be real, some cookies just aren't lit. They can have weird surprises in them that make us question how much faith we have in other people (like when we find out what we thought were chocolate chips were actually raisins).

So, just to make sure you know what I'm getting at, here is a definitive ranking of every kind of fresh-baked cookie (in my opinion - call them alternative facts if you must):

10. Oatmeal Raisin

oatmeal cookie, pastry, candy, cake, goody, sweet, chocolate, cookie
Kristine Mahan

Raisins are the worst surprise. Period. Think of all of the delicious foods that you have had that have been ruined by raisins. There are just too many. The dried grapes need to stop ruining my cookie experience.

9. Meringue Cookies

sweet, ravioli, pastry, cookie, dough, meringue
Abby Mainwaring

These cookies are way too fancy for my low-society self. Also, they aren't that yummy... Honestly, I do not even know what the flavor of these are suppose to be. Air? LMK.

8. Christmas Cookies

cake, gingerbread, chocolate, pastry, candy, sweet, cookie
Kristine Mahan

Christmas cookies literally have no taste. Want some cardboard with mediocre icing? Then this is the cookie for you. In reality, they are just sugar cookies with some meh icing on them. They get points only for being fun and spirited. And extra points if their reindeer-shaped.

7. Jam Thumbprints

doughnut, cake, cookie, candy, chocolate, pastry, sweet
Katherine O'Malley

The thing that stresses me out about these cookies is that you have to worry about the cookie AND the jam. Like what if one is better than the other? There is way too much room for criticism here. But I do have to say, when they pair together well, they are bomb.

6. Gingerbread Cookies

cake, ginger, sweet, candy, chocolate, cookie, gingerbread
Sarah Cronin

Cookies that you can play with? Can I get a hell yes!? I love food that is socially acceptable to use your hands with, and gingerbread cookies are here for it.  Are they delicious? Not really, but at this point who cares.

5. Double Chocolate Chip

cake, coffee, cookie, chocolate cookie, goody, candy, sweet, chocolate
Katherine Baker

I feel like every time I have one of these the chocolate is under-whelming. The dough ends up tasting chalky, and the chips don't jump out at me. They aren't bad when done right, but to me, they aren't my fav.

4. Snickerdoodles

cake, cookie, bread, pastry, sweet
Lisa Guo

A soft, chewy snickerdoodle can make even the angriest of people happy again. The flavor is not too over-whelming, so these are the perfect cookies if you are not that into overly sweet treats. 

3. Peanut Butter

oatmeal, peanut, peanut butter, chocolate, sweet, cookie
Ellie Haun

I freaking love peanut butter and cookies, so having them combined is EVERYTHING. If you want to get crazy try adding some fun things in them like chocolate chips of even oatmeal. Peanut butter is not too strong of a flavor, so a lot of awesome things can be paired with it.

2. Sugar

cake, buttercream, chocolate, cream, butter
Grace King

Sugar cookies are a classic. They are always delicious and good for the soul (not the waistline, unfortunately, but who cares). Personally, I like them to be thick and chewy and warm.

1. Chocolate Chip

cookie, butter, peanut, chocolate, peanut butter
Meisean Wilson

I mean, duh! Chocolate chip cookies are the best in the market, and if you disagree, you are just wrong. They are sold everywhere so luckily, they are never too far away. Grab a glass of milk and enjoy the crème-de-la-crème of desserts.