Cut through the canyons of Malibu, and hidden within the suburban hills of Los Angeles lies a little gem known as Calabasas. Once upon a time it was home to cowboys and emerging artists, but now it's infamously remembered as the The Kardashians' home turf. Whether you are a fanatic of the show, or have simply browsed through their recent paparazzi shots, it is evident that these stars are loyal to a couple local restaurants. As a Calabasas native, I am here to give you the unofficial ranking of these restaurants. Here's the top 6 spots to Kardashian-watch while eating a killer meal

6. Marmalade Café

A traditional spot to catch Kourtney and Scott on a lunch date, Marmalade is known for its conventional California cuisine, which explains the superb avocado pictured above. It offers decent salads and traditional brunch items, but lacks a warm aesthetic or ambiance.

5. Health Nut

This may have been every girl in my high school’s go-to spot, but personally I find it to be a little overrated. Easily the most iconic Kardashian hot-spot, these infamous salads are served fresh in a clear plastic container. Trying to channel your inner Kim K? Definitely order the the Chinese Chicken. 

#Spoontip: Health Nut sells their famous dressing separately, therefore if your not a local you can continue the experience anywhere.

4. Erenwhon Market

Erenwhon is an organic and sustainable market hidden in the back of town. Filled with anything from fresh-pressed green juices, to an array of organic vitamins or even take home hot meals, this is a great place to casually run into a Kardashian. Kourtney and Kim are often spotted here picking up loads of organic produce for their toddlers back home. 


SUGARFISH, aka Kylie Kardashians “fave sushi spot” is 100% worth the hype. Home to some of the freshest and most delicious sashimi you will ever consume, you can't go to Calabasas without a visit here.  

2. Lovis Deli

Lovi's is an up-scale traditional jewish deli, that provides you with anything from the perfect black and white cookie, to a multitude of brunch items, or even some classic matzo ball soup. It's the ideal family restaurant where big groups can come together, the kids can be loud, and the adults can get a drink (or two). 

1. Shibuya

Kim and Kanye were astonished when the restaurant made them wait a whole 30-minutes to sit down — no special treatment here. While you are almost guaranteed a wait at this restaurant any day of the week, I can also guarantee the spicy tuna on crispy rice make every patient moment worth it. This quaint sushi house will make you love raw fish in a way you never thought you could, easily giving it the number 1 spot on this list. 

#SpoonTip: get the Shibuya House Role. Seriously — get it. 

Make that dream Kardashian selfie a reality and use this list as a guide to our favorite Calabasas-natives' favorite spots. You *literally* (insert Kardashian voice) cannot go wrong with any of these local spots.