Welcome to the newest approach to the world of food: Bro Spoon, the unfiltered, brotherly loving ode to food. No more kale salads. No more black bean burgers with hummus. This is as raw as the steak we ate for dinner last night.

Not sure whether this fraternal journey is for you? Find out how bro your food habits really are with this quiz, and see if you have what it takes to eat with the bro-iest of brahs.

  1. What do you get on your pizza?

  2. How many beers do you drink on a Friday night?

  3. The dining hall sucks because:

  4. What's your beverage of choice (excluding beer of course, everyone loves beer)?

  5. How many bags of Doritos have you consumed in one sitting?

  6. What's your go-to late night food?

  7. Someone eats some of your fries when you're not looking. What do you do?

  8. How do you take your steak?

  9. You're taking a smoke on a date. Where do you go?

  10. How did the E. Coli outbreak affect your Chipotle consumption?

  11. Getting ready for a big day. What's your drink of choice to kick it off?

  12. How much bacon is the right amount of bacon?

  13. Last question: how do you think you did?