Last week, I talked about Garces Trading Co. as a great place to go on a dates whatever stage of a relationship you’re in. Today, I’m going to talk about where to go when you’re at that awkward 6 month to 1 year mark or if its your partner’s birthday in that period. You know this person well, you might even love this person, but you’re probably not ready to drop $155 (before tax, tip and booze, of course) on her at Vetri. My recommendation: Little Fish BYOB.

Food for the Heart: Little Fish BYOB

Photo by Zagat

The Vibe: It’s a tiny, dimly lit alcove, that provides an intimate feel from the moment you step inside. Chances are, you won’t see anyone you know (although I guess I might be ruining that by posting it on a Penn food site?) and, if you do, you’ll be too distracted by your awesome date (and the fact that you’re this close to the open kitchen) to even notice.

The Food: To make your night even more special, the menu changes every day based on what’s fresh at the market. As its name suggests, this is a fish restaurant, but hopefully you know by now whether your girl/guy is into fish. This restaurant knows what it’s doing and make each dish inventive. Entrees generally range from the mid to high twenties. Though they’re delicious, the entrees are not enormous, so you’ll definitely want to get some amazing dessert. If you go on a Sunday there is a modestly priced ($38) prix fixe menu. A tip for you wine newbies: fish means white wine. White. Light and flaky fish (branzino, black sea bass, flounder) pair better with Pinot Grigio and Greek whites, while the heavier fish (snapper, chilean seabass, halibut, arctic char) are great with Reislings, Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay. If you’re getting a thick fish (swordfish, salmon, tuna, mahi mahi), you will want to stick with champagne, Pinot d’Alsace or Chardonnay. Truthfully, you probably won’t taste the difference, but dropping lines about this will help you impress your date and remind him/her why he/she’s been with you all this time. See? I have your back.

The Result: You and your date will have a great night trying somewhere unique and off-the-beaten-path (well, the path that most Penn couples follow to places like Parc). You can go for a cute little stroll through Bella Vista, and because the dishes are fairly light, neither of you will be too tired and bloated to continue the celebration.


Location: .

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 5:30pm-close, Sun: 5:30pm and 8pm seatings.