Want to put your best foot forward for final exams? This bio major is ready to give you the best brain foods to get you thinking in top shape for whatever your professors decide to throw at you!


Oxidative stress in the brain (like the distress caused by finals) can negatively affect brain functioning by increasing neural aging. Studies have found that the high-density of antioxidants in blueberries can help reverse this damage and benefit brain cell signaling (making you think faster!). Reaching for a handful of blueberries next time you’re stuck on a math question may be the push you need for a stroke of genius! 

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Try sprinkling them over your favorite cereal or adding a few to a smoothie!


Aside from being filled with antioxidants, broccoli is also packed with vitamin K and sphingolipids (the main fat in brain cells). All three combined hold anti-inflammatory properties that increase brain processing and memory capability. Before speeding through those flashcards, try to incorporate some broccoli into your diet to aid with recollection.

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Stuck on how to fit this vegetable into your usual meals? Check out this broccoli and pasta recipe

Dark Chocolate

Clearly you’re favorite on the list, dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, a group of antioxidants found in plants. These antioxidants are particularly drawn to the areas of the brain assigned to learning and memory, which may enhance your recollection. Furthermore, dark chocolate has been noted time and time again as a mood booster. When you’re two hours in to studying and need a pick-me up, chocolate may just be the thing you need to power through that all-nighter.

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Don’t want to eat plain dark chocolate? Balance that bitter taste with some sweetness by making some dark chocolate covered bananas!


Oranges are extremely important to brain health, as vitamin C is a key player in preventing mental decline. Vitamin C aids in cognition and slows the aging of your brain. Just when you think you can’t possibly fit another equation in your memory-- reach for a medium-sized orange, which holds the recommended amount of vitamin C per day. 

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Make this immune-boosting smoothie to get in your vitamin C and make sure your body is ready to go for finals week!

Green Tea

Green tea is filled with caffeine and amino acids. As popularly known, the caffeine in green tea can make you more alert and focused, greatly improving your late-night study session. A lesser-known fact is that the amino acids in green tea (known as L-theanine) increases the activity of neurotransmitters, which translates to reduced anxiety. As green tea wakes you up with caffeine, it also helps calm you down without feeling tired. 

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For some tips to spice up your everyday green tea, check out this article to enhance you’re brewing experience! 


The best breakfast for the morning of your final is eggs! Whether you like them scrambled, over-easy, or hard boiled, they all contain vitamins B-6 and B-12 as well as folic acid. These B vitamins are known to prevent brain shrinkage and increase cognition. For that final push to get you thinking your best during that exam, opt for a breakfast that is sure to keep your brain functioning at full capacity. 

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Don’t have an exam until later in the day? Try an avocado-egg salad as a perfect lunch to get you prepped for your test!

Now that you had a brain-healthy meal you’ll be ready to take on any test your professors throw at you! Remember to relax and take good care of your body and the rest will fall into place. Enjoyed this list of brain foods for finals or know some better memory-improving treats? Let us know on our Instagram @Spoon_Bulldogs!