An inevitable parts of growing up is learning how to put your money to good use. If you’re anything like me, the most useful tactic for cutting back on spending an extraneous amount out is leaving your cards at home and only bring whatever cash you have on you. Effective? Heck yeah. Naive and slightly dangerous? That too. Especially when you are left cursing your sober self for not bringing enough change for 2 am pizza. I mean, priorities.

It’s easy to spend $100-$160 a weekend at bars (if you have the money). This of course depends on how much you drink and what shelf you’re going for, but shots, fancy cocktails and everything else it takes to make for a fun night can add up to $5,200+ a year. Yikes. I bet that tri-colored, sugar-rimmed marg isn’t sounding so great right about now. Neither is that 2 am pizza.

Here are nine things you can spend your money on instead, because you’re mature and wise:

1. 2 Tickets to Hamilton

beer money

Photo courtesy of @hamiltonclips on Instagram

52 weekends of bar hopping has nothing on a night for two at the theater, especially with Hamilton in the mix. Sure, Lin-Manuel may have taken his final bow as the ten-dollar founding father without a father, but tickets are still going like hot cakes. Save your bar money and take your significant other to a show instead. Sorry, no after party for you.

2. 5 Golden Opulence Sundaes at Serendipity 3

beer money

Photo courtesy of @MyLuxuryStyle on Twitter

Hey Upper East Siders, spotted: lonely Boy indulging in everyone’s favorite opulent golden treat with S and Little J. I wonder who took up that tab for the thousand dollar calorie bowl? Uh oh, I guess we won’t be seeing them getting rowdy on a Friday night anymore. But where there’s a Van Der Woodsen, there’s a way. XOXO…

3. 52 Pairs of Nike Free Running Shoes

beer money

Photo courtesy of Steve Parkinson on Flickr

So you can run freely without ever worrying about a scuff mark. Or to briskly walk to the nearest Chipotle or Chick-fil-A. Or to have a pair in every color to stand and admire a neatly ordered closet that rivals Khloe Kardashian’s.

4. 3 Golden Retriever Puppies

beer money

Photo courtesy of @goldens_of_chicago on Instagram

If you have some extra time on your hands, why not sneak three goldens into your dorm or apartment next year? Swap the alc for a leash and you’ll never be happier. You’ll also never need a drink so badly after training them all day, but just look at those yawns.

5. Your Own Startup

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Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

That’s right folks, instead of ordering a round each Friday in town, kick your ambitious side into action and build an app. The overhead for those of you who have a knack for web developing and thinking up original ideas is around $2500-$5000. Maybe build one that saves you from spending that much on drinks a year. IDK, just a thought.

6. A Chanel Handbag

beer money

Photo courtesy of @stylight on Instagram

There’s nothing more classic than a Chanel bag. As long as you give up late nights for a year, you’ll have enough to splurge on a lambskin and gold metal Métiers d’Art masterpiece. Shots are temporary, but Chanel is forever, ladies.

7. Vinyl of Bruce Springsteen’s “Spirit of the Night”

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Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

One single Columbia Records 1973 vinyl worth $5,000. Rock fans, this yard sale scavenger hunt treasure is for you. Weekend bar crawl fans, maybe not.

8. A Hobbit-Inspired Trip to New Zealand

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Photo courtesy of @hotelsworld_ on Instagram

Lord of the Rings enthusiasts or not, who doesn’t want to stay in a hobbit motel and see the Waikato countryside? Sleeping in the shire orrrr hearing “Work from Home” for the thousandth time while you spend your weeks wages on vodka cranberries? See you on the other end of five grand, Baggins.

9. 1,000 Pumpkin Spice Lattes

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Photo courtesy of @therealpsl on Instagram

Fear not, sugar addicts, for what you spend at the bar in a year, you could instead get 1,000 pumpkin spice grandes during the course of the season. With Starbucks offering them for nearly four months, that means 250 lattes a month. Blood type: PSL.