There's nothing worse than arriving to the airport, all excited to jet off to your long awaited vacation, only to find out that your flight has been delayed. The only logical thing to do, until you're on your way to your destination, is to grab a snack that will make those seemingly endless minutes tick by. Here are the nine bites that will definitely get you through the wait. 

1. Goldfish

peanut, sweet, butter, peanut butter
Kimberly Fu

Goldfish are, hands down, one of the best snacks ever invented. Plus, each fish is teeny, so this gives you an excuse to eat as many as you want, as you wait for your flight. 

2. Cookies

cream, chocolate, mint
Keni Lin

Cookies are a man (and a woman's) best friend, and when it feels like you may never reach your destination, they also become the perfect snack. Almost all airport snack stores have a variety of cookies, ranging from Oreo's to Famous Amos, so your next biggest decision will be which type to choose.

3. Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a classic airport snack for me. This salty snack is packed with various shapes and flavors, so you'll be way too caught up in eating your snack to realize how long you've been in the air. The flight will feel that much easier and quicker. 

4. Chocolate

sweetmeat, chocolate, candy
Kelley Buck

Nothing makes anyone happier than chocolate. So when you start to stress and think that it is physically impossible for your flight to be delayed any longer, go grab some M&M's or another chocolatey treat to calm your nerves. 

5. Trail Mix

raisin, cranberry, almond, nut
Tiare Brown

Trail mix is a staple that you can count on finding in any airport convenience store. It also may be one of the few healthy things you can find in the airport, so you can feel extra good about making this choice.  

6. Candy

Candy is another great snack to help you de-stress when your flight keeps getting delayed. Plus, if you don't like chocolate (hard to believe, but possible) or can't have it, candy will help keep you sane and give you the sugar fix you're craving. 

7. Sunchips

These are for when the chip isle is calling your name, but you want to stick to your healthy habits. While Sun Chips aren't actually that healthy, they are a lot better for you than many other potato chips and they taste a lot better as well.

8. Gummies

jelly, bonbons, goody, sweetmeat, sweet, gelatin, candy
Jaryl Cabuco

Gummies, like candy and chocolate, have the magical power of sugar to keep you sane while you sit on the runway, cramped in your little seat, still awaiting take off. Plus, their bright colors will remind you of the cheerful destination in your near future. 

9. Granola Bars

chocolate, candy
Emma Delaney

Granola bars, especially Kind Bars and Clif Bars, are another great snack for the airport, especially if you're hungry for something of substance. They'll keep you full, fending off other cravings you may not want to succumb to before you board your flight. 

Hopefully, no one's flight is delayed over spring break, but if they are, these snacks will get you through all the chaos, headaches, and stress an airport may give you during your travels. Bon voyage, and happy snacking.