If you've gotten caught up in tanning and beach days, as we all have, you might have forgotten that Father's Day is quickly approaching. No worries, though. With these last minute food gifts, your dad will get all the attention he deserves on Father's Day.

1. Breakfast Chicken and Waffle Sliders

syrup, gravy, cake, pastry
Katie Elliott

Start dad's special day off with the ultimate sweet and savory breakfast in bed. These chicken and waffle sliders will leave dad feeling full and very impressed by your kitchen skills.

2. PB&J Muffins

chocolate, blueberry, cookie, cake
Casey Hack

I don't know about you, but PB&J always reminds me of my dad. Get creative and transform one of dad's favorite sandwiches into a deliciously sweet muffin.

3. French Toast Egg in a Hole

egg, bread, toast, sweet
Phoebe Melnick

Growing up, my dad always used to make the classic breakfasts such as pancakes, French toast, and eggs on weekend mornings. Clearly, there's no better day than Father's Day to combine some all-time favorite breakfasts in one. This Father's Day, make your dad French toast egg in a hole to show your appreciation for all the breakfasts he's made for you.

4. Trail Mix

nut, almond, cranberry, raisin
Tiare Brown

One of the first foods that pops into my head when I think "dad" is trail mix. I seriously feel like it's a snack that all dads have on them at all times. Make your Father's Day a little more special and treat dad to homemade trail mix with his favorite combination of nuts and sweets.

5. Brew Your Own Beer

tea, wine, cinnamon, alcohol, beer, liquor
Amelia Weller

If you're really trying to impress dad on his special day, you might want to try and brew your own beer. No matter how the results turn out, I'm sure dad will get a kick out of his kid's brewing skills. Isn't that really all he needs on Father's Day?

6. Edible Arrangements

If your dad's on a health kick and wants to avoid chocolate cake and ice cream, Edible Arrangements are the perfect last minute Father's Day food gift. Not only are they healthy and delicious, but the presentation is beautiful. 

7. Pineapple Chicken BBQ Skewers

meat, chicken, kebab, pork, barbecue, vegetable, seafood
Cassandra Bauer

Spice up your Father's Day barbecue with these pineapple chicken BBQ skewers. This sweet and savory combination is the perfect addition to your barbecue and I'm sure your dad will appreciate your help on the grill.

8. S'mores Bars

sweet, cereal
Gabrielle Altman

Blow your dad's mind when you bring out these extraordinary s'mores bars for dessert. Enough said.

9. Sangria

jam, sweet, marmalade, gelatin, juice, tea
Emily Genzer

Homemade sangria hits the spot to finish off dad's special day. Create a unique sangria using your dad's favorite wine and fruits. He'll definitely enjoy relaxing and sipping sweet sangria.