When you need a break from the scorching Texas heat and the inevitable stress of school, seek out these must-try cold treats around Austin before the weather gets colder.

1. Bananarchy

Frozen bananas swirled in peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, or vegan chocolate and covered in toppings of your choosing — can you imagine a more perfect cold treat combination? Hop over to this food truck ASAP. 

2. Michoacana Natural Ice Cream

Hidden in a mini-mall storefront, this frozen treat shop is definitely one of the most unique ones you'll find in Austin. The ice cream flavors at this shop ranges from neon-swirled bubblegum to lime sorbet, and they also offer housemade paletas (aka popsicles) made with seasonal fresh fruit, avocado cheese (yes, it's as interesting as it sounds), and arroz (rice). Give these frozen treats a try if you're feeling something a little different. 

3. Prohibition Creamery

Need a boozy cool down to your day? Prohibition Creamery is a part-time cocktail bar, part-time ice cream shop. Does it get any better than this? Yes, it does — sangria sorbet, beer with beer caramel swirl, and whiskey chocolate are just a few of their amazing alcoholic flavors.

4. Lick Honest Ice Creams

Lick has the most unique flavors out of all the local ice cream shops I have ever visited. I might be biased because it's on my list of favorites, but you'll soon agree once you take a look at their drool-worthy menu and have a taste of their silky ice cream. 

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5. Sno-Beach Shaved Ice

Sno-Beach is a perfect walking distance away for sweaty UT students seeking a cool treat. The snow cone truck is located quite a ways down Guadalupe Street, but it's a good workout — and you'll have a delicious ice-cold treat as a reward.

6. Venezia Italian Gelato

Donut-shaped gelato pops are the perfect gimmicky cold treat that will be all over Instagram before you know it. Don't you want to be the one of the firsts to set the trend? This delectable gelato shop is a must-try. 

7. Snow Monster

Snow ice is one of the best fluffy frozen treats on the dessert scene. In addition to regular snow ice options, Snow Monster also has dairy-free soy snow, as well as snow cones and bubble tea. Pick your poison. 

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8. Cold Ones Pops

Banana burnt caramel, cantaloupe peppercorn, peach miso, and horchata are just a few of the adventurous flavors found at Cold Ones. The only thing cooler than their popsicles (and their flavors) is their tendency to accept flavor suggestions from the general public.

9. D'Lites

D'Lites whips up gluten free, low sugar, and low carb soft serve, but you wouldn't know it from its rich flavor. Grab a friend and go "be healthy" together while indulging in some fro-yo.