Summer in Austin is brutal without ice cream. On a hot day, after hours of swimming at Barton Springs or hiking around Lady Bird Lake, nothing sounds better than a quick detour to one of Austin's many ice cream shops. But after three weeks straight of frozen treat-requiring, 100-degree weather, your usual at the local scoop shop can start to get old. If you find yourself in need of something cool and refreshing, but are ready for something new, give one of these frozen dessert spots in Austin a try.

1. Sno Beach

This snow cone trailer has something for everyone. They serve classics such as wedding cake and blue raspberry, unique flavors like sangria and passion fruit, along with everything in between. With topping options including caramel and cream, a snow cone from Sno Beach can be customized to fit your sweet tooth needs.

2. Juiceland

If you're looking for something a little healthier to balance out all the tacos and barbecue you've been enjoying, stop by a Juiceland for a veggie and fruit filled smoothie or juice. With locations in almost every corner of Austin, you are never too far away from a refreshing watermelon juice or protein-packed chocolate banana smoothie.

3. Bananarchy

A banana from Bananarchy might be one of the most satisfying, yet simple, treats out there. Their frozen bananas are dunked in dips like chocolate or peanut butter before being covered with toppings like cookie crumbles, coconut, peanuts, or sprinkles. Customize your banana and enjoy this refreshing and surprisingly creamy sweet treat. 

4. Hay Elotes

Hay Elotes serves Mexican snacks ranging from street corn and fruit cups to, most famously, their frozen fruit-flavored "hills." Piled high with colorful toppings like strawberries, candy, and spice, this slushy-like dessert is an experience like no other. Sweet, sour, and bright in color, these drinks are the perfect summer pick-me-up.

5. Mom and Pop's

If you find yourself at a Farmer's Market in Austin, look for this handmade popsicle vendor. The family-run pop shop uses fresh ingredients and lots of love to create exciting flavors like Mango Chile and Hibiscus Mint, making their popsicles some of the best out there. Find out where to get your hand on one here.

6. Snow Monster

Snow Monster offers a huge variety of frozen Taiwanese delights. Their snow ice is composed of shavings from a block of creamy ice that comes in flavors like coconut, taro, and matcha. This place also offers a variety of frozen drinks, dairy-free snow ices, and very tempting toppings, which means you'll probably have to drop in more than a few times to figure out your favorite offering.

When it comes to ice cream, there is no doubt Austin has things figured out. Places like Amy's and Lick offer interesting and always-changing flavors, making Austin one of America's best ice cream cities. However, they certainly do not stop at this creamy delicacy to beat the tumultuous summer heat.

Looking for something healthier? Stop by Bananarchy or Juiceland for a simple and energizing snack. Want something fruity? Grab a Sour Cherry snow cone at Sno Beach or a Watermelon pop at Mom and Pop's. Want to try something colorful and new? Indulge in a snow ice bowl at Snow Monster or a Mango Hill at Hay Elotes. If you find yourself craving something cold in Austin this summer, you truly can't go wrong with any of these frozen desserts.