Welcome to Reel Round-Up, a weekly column where Kennedy Dierks highlights the top Instagram Reels creators. This week, we're covering oatmeal Instagram Reels creators.

Since the inception of Instagram Reels and #OatTok, oatmeal has been taking the internet by storm thanks to amateur chefs, quarantine breakout stars, and at-home foodies who have shared their love for the grain. Oats have grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the popularity of oat milk as a more sustainable dairy alternative, innovative oat products, and the customization of oatmeal and subsequent baked oats trend that hit TikTok mid-quarantine.

As oats remain the internet’s favorite versatile carb (though nearly dethroned by Emily Mariko’s viral salmon rice), content creators have jumped on the many trends, hacks, and that social media has to offer. Moreover, these oat-thusiasts continue to use Instagram as a “home base” to share photos AND videos while growing their community, showcasing their culinary skill, and interacting with followers on a more intimate level. 

Here are eight oat-loving Instagrammers whose Reels have made me scroll-crazy this week:

1. @minimin.eats

Min is a London-based tech worker who, by her own admission, is probably eating oatmeal. Min covers all the desserts, from cheesecake, red velvet, and carrot cake chilled oats to nostalgic baked oats inspired by jelly doughnuts. Just when you thought oat bowls couldn’t get any better, Min stuffed them with cream cheese, Biscoff spread, and chia jam. Drool.

2. @foodforarixx

Ari’s page isn’t limited to just oatmeal, or “porridge” as the British blogger dubs it. Ari’s Reels feature cookie dough oat mug cakes, extra fluffy cloud porridge, oatmeal cheesecake, and Snickers-inspired oat cereal in addition to the classic chilled, baked, and overnight oats. Plus, if you need some holiday-themed eats, she made Halloween overnight oats.

3. @oatmealmeanslove

Based in Germany, Caro’s Instagram Reels feature oats in ALL their glory, from oat-based cakes to crepes to energy bites to granola. Her traditional oatmeal isn’t slacking by any means, though -- her Reels feature recipes for Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats, PB&J Chilled Oats, Chocolate Lava Baked Oats, and more. 

4. @oatslady

Valerie’s Reels are a collection of recipes that feature oats as a star ingredient and emphasize healthy, wholesome nutrition. Her feed includes step-by-step tutorials for 4-ingredient apple pancakes, giant chocolate chip cookies, and seasonal mug cakes — all using oats. Bonus: her Reels include instructions in Spanish!

5. @tracesoats 

I’d be remiss not to mention a Reel Round-Up Original, Trace’s Oats. Trace is still going strong with a focus on wellness, and his page features his Fuel Days of Eats (a play on TikTok’s “Full Day of Eating” recap videos) as a marathon runner; recreation recipes; and of course, the many ways to cook, top, and enjoy oatmeal. 

6. @weesoats

Self-titled “ur local oatmeal girl,” Jacquie’s motto is, “Hot girls eat oatmeal for breakfast” -- and we couldn’t agree more. Hot girls also love tiramisu, apple pie, Snickers, and jelly donuts, and luckily Jacquie has a step-by-step tutorial for oatmeal inspired by each.

7. @mattsfitchef

Matteo’s Reels feature “healthy, easy, and delicious recipes for your sweet tooth,” meaning it’s more than acceptable to have your cake for breakfast and eat it too. Think chocolate overnight oats, protein chocolate balls, and oatmeal cookies.

8. @on.and.oats

While her bio boasts “Breakfast Ideas,” Diana’s specialty is oatmeal. Her Reels showcase “proats” (foodie slang for protein-packed oatmeal) and porridge alike, but she really hits her stride with baked oats filled with gooey goodness: think Oreo oatmeal with lava cake-esque chocolate filling, cookie-butter filled baked Biscoff oats, and cream cheese-stuffed chocolate cheesecake oats.

I hope this list helps you find your foodie muse! Or, at the bare minimum, gives you more material to procrastinate with the rest of the week…Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you, dreaming about the Boston Cream, Stracciatella, and matcha oats of the weekend.