I know many of you cringe any time you hear "Valentine's Day", but let me remind you that it's not all about having a bae. Valentine's day is just about celebrating love in general. Whether you're celebrating with your gals, your family, your significant other, or just treating yourself, we are clueing you in on eight of the best dessert places in the U.S. that ship just in time for this "love"ly holiday.

1. Sprinkles Cupcakes

Also known as the O.G. cupcake store, Sprinkles ship their famous cupcakes anywhere. Their red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is probably the most authentic red velvet flavor I've tasted in all of my 20 years on Earth. If you're already preparing, Sprinkles is even offering 20% off when you preorder for Valentine's Day.

2. Stuffed Cookies

You know those epic cookie pull-apart videos all over your Instagram feed? Those mouth-watering cookies come from Stuffed Cookies and are perfect for V-Day. You can order their Specialty Assorted Dozen or you can design your own stuffed cookies with mix-ins such as Twix, Marshmallows, Frosted Flakes, Ferrero Rocher, Cookie Butter, Nutella, PB, Cream Cheese, and much more. 

3. Milk Bar Bakery 

Two words: Cake Truffles. If you can't ship a whole cake, why not ship cake truffles? Besides, you can pair these legendary Insta-famous truffles with cookies like the epic compost cookie or their noteworthy crack pie. Regardless of what you choose, it'll be a treat that you'll never want to finish. 

4. Georgetown Cupcake 

Georgetown Cupcakes are my favorite desserts on this list. favorite of desserts on this list. I have sent and received these cupcakes upwards of five times, and I've never been disappointed. For Valentine's Day, you can order the specialty heart dozen that even comes in a heart-shaped box. You can also opt to choose from numerous classic cupcakes. If you go for the classic, I highly recommend the Cookies & Creme Cheesecake cupcake. You will never live the same life again after eating it. 


You know those sick cups that you see all over your explore page? Yep, they ship all over the U.S. too. Margo Wolfe, a young entrepreneur in Miami, created her own new dessert twist: a doughee-otherwise known as a cookie cup stuffed with any delish treat that you desire from brownie to nutella to Oreo and even babka. 

6. Levain Bakery

This list would be incomplete without the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie. I've had these on multiple occasions and they are HUGE. However, I could probably eat three to four of them in one sitting. They are the true way to say "I love you". 

#SpoonTip: Chocolate Chip Walnut along with Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip are the OG flavors and are a must. 

7. Baked by Melissa 

Baked By Mellissa is the mecca of bite-sized treats. Whether you're shipping mini cupcakes or macaroons, the person you love will be ever grateful. This year, Baked by Melissa has multiple Valentine's Day specials to choose from such as The Love Letter, The Sweet Talker, and All of My Valentines. Just remember that the desserts are small, so you can eat as many as you want. 

8. Lou Malnati's Heart-Shaped Pizza

I know this isn't a dessert, but I had to include it because there is no such thing as a successful Valentine's Day without dessert AND pizza. You can ship the legendary Chicago-style, heart-shaped deep-dish pizza anywhere in the U.S. (even to yourself). Make sure to snap a pic so all of your followers on social media live vicariously through you. 

There we have it, eight places that ship the best treats all throughout the U.S. Make your friends, your bae, and/or yourself happy with desserts (and pizza) this Valentine's Day. There is truly no better way to say "I love you" than through food.