Ice cream is one of America's national treasures. From the creamy texture to the sugary taste, it is a superior food choice all around. So what could possibly be better than an ice cream company? One that combines with a cookie cup company. MdoughW, a business that produces cookies stuffed with other delicious treats, has teamed up with Little G Ice Cream to create some mind-blowing desserts.

The Flavors

For the month of May, two of the best--and most famous-- Instagram dessert companies are teaming up to create one magical dessert. Grace Connor of Little G Ice Cream and Margo Wolfe of Mdoughw have worked together to create six different ice cream flavors.

The flavors include Funfetti: cake batter ice cream with funfetti MdoughW pieces and buttercream frosting; Cinnamon Caramel Churro: cinnamon ice cream with churro MdoughW pieces and salted caramel swirl; Slutty: vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chunk brownie MdoughW pieces and chocolate sandwich cookies; Peanut Butter Fudge: peanut butter ice cream with triple chocolate fudge MdoughW pieces and fudge swirl; White Chocolate Macadamia Nut: white chocolate ice cream with sugar cookie MdoughW pieces and toasted macadamia nuts; and Red Velvet: cream cheese ice cream with red velvet white chocolate chip MdoughW pieces.

Though it seems impossible, each flavor seems to get better than the next. 

How the Collaboration Came to Be

Connors, the founder of Little G Ice Cream—who, by the way, is only 17 years old—reached out to Wolfe after seeing numerous comments on her Instagram saying, “You and Mdoughw should do something together.” Connor also noticed that a lot of the same food Instagrammers and bloggers reviewed both her own products and Wolfe’s products. After Connor contacted Wolfe, Wolfe sent over a variety of her doughies, which are stuffed cookie cups.

Using the doughies, Connor revealed she “Just made a bunch of flavors, inspired by the flavors of the cookies; I picked the best six after pretty much just experimenting and then picking the best flavors." Further on in the interview, Connor explained, "I love Mdoughw and I’m really excited to collab. We are both two young women that own businesses and we decided to do something together because we both loved each other’s products."

Where to Buy

As of now, the Little G x Mdoughw collaboration will be available until the end of May, but if the products do well, Connor said they might decide to make the pints available for six weeks. The pints are available on in both a 10 pack and 6 pack with free shipping. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to order either Little G or Mdoughw, this is it.